Why Facebook Not Working? Fix Facebook Common Issues

Why Facebook Not Working

Why is Facebook Not Working? Fix Facebook Common Issues here. Nowadays Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. We connect with our friends on Facebook. We also promote our business on Facebook. It is an important platform to get information about sports, travel, and entertainment. Many people income from Facebook. It is found on Google Play Store. Over five million mobile users install the Facebook app from Google Play Store. Sometimes Facebook not work properly. But don’t worry. Because we discuss the issues why Facebook not working.

Fixes the Issues Why Facebook Not Working

There are several reasons why Facebook is not working. Here we discuss several techniques to solve the problem. So read the article and solve the problem.

Why Facebook Not Working
Why Facebook is not working

1. Restart Your Device

This is a common troubleshooting technique. Sometimes the device can’t work properly because of running for a long time.  Many operations or apps running in the background can cause various glitches. So restart your device. And your apps or software start fresh. Most of the time this technique is useful to solve the problem.

2. Refresh Your Browser

This technique is very helpful if you viewing Facebook on a web browser. After refreshing the browser sometimes Facebook work properly. If this technique doesn’t work then close your browser. And then open Facebook in a new browser. It can also work sometimes.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes the device can’t connect to the internet properly. A weak internet connection or Wi-Fi can’t access Facebook. Because the internet connection is so weak that cause can’t load Facebook. So check your internet connection which is connected properly. If connected properly, then connect the internet properly.

4. Clear Device Cache and Clear Browser’s Cache

Device cache or browser cache store data over time. Sometimes cache data helps apps or webpages to work quickly and efficiently. But sometimes it could also cause apps to glitch when it is too much or corrupted. So clear your web browser’s cache from time to time. And for smartphones clear your device from time to time. It can solve your problem sometimes.

You can easily clear the cache of your smartphone. For this, take the phone. And open device Settings. Then click on Apps and Notification. And then open Manage Apps. Find Facebook from the app list and open it. Click on Storage and Cache. Finally, click on the Clear cache option.

5. Log Out of Facebook and Re-open the App

Sometimes many Facebook issues occur by a software glitch. And this problem will solve sometimes by logging out of Facebook. Then open the app and log in again. You can also close your Facebook App on your iPhone or Android phone and then open the app. It can also solve your problem.

6. Is Facebook Down Today?

Sometimes the Facebook server is down. Because it is a server-based application. So check it before restarting your device or router. If you have a laptop or smartphone near your hand then you can check it easily. Try to log in on another device. And see whether Facebook works properly on that device or not. You can also check the Facebook status using DownDetector. It shows Facebook status activity.

7. Update Your App

Facebook frequently updates its app. So make sure you run the latest version of Facebook. If you don’t update the app Facebook can’t work properly. So update your Facebook app to run it smoothly. To update your app go to Google Play Store and update your app. And for iPhone go to Apple’s App Store and update the app. You can also uninstall the app and then reinstall it to solve the problem.

8. Close the App and Re-open it in a different Browser

If Facebook doesn’t open close your browser. And then open Facebook in a different browser. Sometimes it goes effective to fix the problem. Make sure you are running the latest version of the browser. Outdated browsers might fail to load Facebook. Because outdated browsers fail to load certificate issues. So run update browser or run another latest browser.

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