What Does A Yellow Heart Emoji Mean On Snapchat?

What does a yellow heart emoji mean on the Snapchat app? Decoding the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat: what does it really mean? In the dynamic sphere of social platforms, Snapchat symbolizes a revolution in communication. A unique aspect of the platform lies in the coded language of its emoji system. The key among these emoticons is the yellow heart emoji. But what does a yellow heart emoji mean on Snapchat?

Understanding Snapchat’s Emoji System

Snapchat is not just a photo-sharing platform but offers other exciting features, notably its emoji system. The app innovatively employs emojis as a coded language to intertwine sentiment and interaction, creating an engaging and personal social media experience. The yellow heart emoji is a significant aspect of this system.

The Yellow Heart Emoji: More than Just a Symbol

In the colorful ensemble of Snapchat emojis, the yellow heart has a vital emotional significance. This emoji appears next to a person’s name with whom you share the most snaps and, reciprocally, they share the most with you. The yellow heart emoji is essentially a symbol of mutual #1 best friends in the Snapchat network.

The Humanistic Approach Behind the Hearts

Understanding the real meaning of the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat unveils a humanistic dimension of the app. This feature encourages frequent interaction and the building of deeper connections between users. It’s a charming indication of a mutual quantitative exchange, with a strong psychological appendage of endearment and sentimentality.

So why a Yellow Heart?

Traditionally, a yellow heart can symbolize happiness, positivity, and friendship. On Snapchat, this emotion is reflected in its desire for users to engage more intensely with their “Best Friends” and promote constant interactions. The choice of a heart, specifically a yellow heart, succinctly communicates the notion of shared warm feelings.

Evolution of the Yellow Heart Emoji on Snapchat

The yellow heart emoji is just one of the ‘Snapstreak’ emojis employed by Snapchat, with its appearance and significance changing as the depth of your interaction with another user evolves. For instance, a growing Snapstreak could lead to different heart colors symbolizing higher ranks of friendship.

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What Do the Emojis on Snapchat Mean?

Snapchat emojis indicate the nature or duration of your relationship with another user. It helps to know what Snapchat emoticons mean if you want to be successful with marketing on Snapchat. Let’s examine the meanings of the various emojis.

Snapchat Emoji

Emojis with hearts

There are several heart emojis on Snapchat. So we discuss the details about these heart emojis and other emojis on Snapchat.

Yellow Heart

As you are previously aware, this symbol signifies that you are the platform user’s best buddy and that you are best friends with them. This individual receives the most snaps from you, and you reciprocate. Another name for it is the “besties” emoji.

Red Heart

One step ahead of the yellow heart is indicated by this one. You and the user have been best friends for the past two weeks, as indicated by the red heart. The red heart emoji persists until one of two things occurs: either two people decide they are no longer best friends, or they stay best friends for two months. Another name for this emoji is the BFF emoji.

Pink Hearts

This is the maximum level of best friend status on Snapchat. These hearts show that the user and you have been best friends for a continuous period of two months. Sustaining such a high degree of dedication on Snapchat requires work. Obtaining this degree of friendship on Snapchat, which is the last one, is a sign of a major accomplishment. The amazing BFF emoji is another name for this one.

Emojis with faces

Smiley Face

This emoji suggests that the person you are Snapchatting with is one of your closest pals. Even though they aren’t your closest friend, they still belong in that group.

A grimace on the face

This implies that the best friend you have is also the best friend of someone else. As a result, you two most frequently snap the same user.

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Face of Sunglasses

You and this user have a best buddy in common when the sunglasses emoji displays next to a friend’s name. It doesn’t always follow that one of you considers the other to be your best friend. However, it implies that you both text this individual with snaps frequently. It frequently occurs amongst users who share friends and are in the same social circle.

Additional Emojis


Many individuals who aren’t even Snapchat users are familiar with the phrase “snap streak” due to its widespread usage. This emoji shows how many days you and the other person have been Snapchatting back and forth. In the event that one of you misses a snap over the next twenty-four hours, both the flame and the snap streak disappear. You can either restart the streak from the beginning or try to get it restored by contacting Snapchat support if this occurs to you.

One Hundred

This one is related to the emoji fire. It means that for a hundred days, you and someone else have been on a snap streak. It is only on the hundredth day that this appears.

Infant Face

This emoji disappears after a few days and shows that you are relatively new friends with this individual. It signifies a new friendship on Snapchat.


This emoji indicates that the duration of your snap streak with that user is almost up. So simply keep snapping if this shows up next to any of your snap streaks. To improve your game on Snapchat, you may also make use of the Timer feature.

Emojis with zodiac signs

This emoji appears beneath a user’s profile rather than next to their name. The user’s birthday and whether or not they have indicated it in their profile determine which one appears. You may learn a user’s zodiac sign and a little bit more about them from this emoji.

Birthday Cake

When this emoji appears beside a user’s name, it indicates that the person’s birthday is today. When someone uses Snapchat, the emoji is displayed so that their friends can wish them a happy birthday.


How long does the Yellow Heart Emoji remain on Snapchat?

It remains until you or your friend exchange more snaps with another person. Once that happens, the yellow heart will be replaced by a different emoji, signifying a change in the ranking of best friends.

What happens when the Yellow Heart Emoji disappears?

When a yellow heart disappears from chat, it suggests that either you or your friend sends more snaps to other users. In other words, someone else becomes your or their #1 best friend on Snapchat.

Can I choose who has my Yellow Heart Emoji on Snapchat?

No, you can’t choose who gets the yellow heart emoji. Snapchat’s algorithm determines this based on the number of snaps exchanged.

Wrap-up: A Symbol of Friendship and More

Ultimately, the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat is a dynamic emblem celebrating closeness, frequent bonding, and mutual best friends. By understanding its true meaning and its purpose within Snapchat’s unique emoji system, we can appreciate the depth of human engagement and connection that Snapchat seeks to encourage. Understanding these playful symbols brings us more joy, a closer connection with friends, and a richer Snapchat experience altogether. After all, there’s more to a yellow heart emoji than what meets the eye!

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