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Vivo X100 Review: Redefining Smartphone Cameras

In the world of top smartphones, a few big names usually lead. But now, other brands are stepping up. They’re making phones that can match these big names in quality. They add more features and new ideas each year. Vivo is one of these brands.

Vivo recently brought out its Vivo X100 series in India. It started selling on January 11. This phone has a better AMOLED screen and three cameras at the back. One is perfect for portraits. It uses a new MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chip.


The Vivo X100 looks sleek. It has a curved screen and a smooth glass back. The back is strong and made with special glass. The sides are made with tough stainless steel. It looks and feels high-end. The phone has a big camera part on the back, making it stand out.

It’s a bit heavy and slippery. We suggest using the free case that comes with it. The screen is curved, which makes it nice to hold. It’s not too thick. The phone has buttons on the right side and is clean on the left. There’s a place for the SIM card, a speaker, and a charging port at the bottom. It’s also water and dust-resistant.

Display and Speakers

The screen is 6.78 inches, with high resolution and brightness. It can change how fast it refreshes based on what you’re doing. You can choose different color modes. The videos look great on this screen. It shows deep blacks and bright colors. It’s also good for scrolling on social media. The speakers are loud but could sound better.


The main camera is 50MP and very clear. It works well even in low light. The telephoto camera can zoom in a lot and still keep pictures clear. The wide camera is good too, but better with more light. The portrait mode on this phone is impressive. It has different styles and can blur the background. The phone also takes great close-up pictures. The selfie camera is good but makes the skin look a bit smooth.

Vivo X100


You can record high-quality videos with all the cameras. There’s a night mode for videos too. The phone has a special video feature that looks like a professional camera. It can stabilize videos, but only at a lower quality.


The Vivo X100 is fast and doesn’t have bugs. It uses a MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chip with lots of RAM and storage. It can handle games and everyday tasks smoothly. We didn’t have any problems with it freezing or crashing.


The phone runs on Android 14 with Vivo’s software. It’s not the simplest, but it has lots of features. You can use two accounts for the same app. It also has good privacy features.


The battery is big and charges fast. It should last a whole day unless you use it a lot for games or taking many photos.

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The Vivo X100 has a great design, screen, and features. The battery life is good. But the cameras are the best part. They’re better than many other phones. If you want a top phone with great cameras and don’t want to spend more, the Vivo X100 is a good choice.

In conclusion, the Vivo X100 is a game-changer in smartphone photography. It brings a powerful combination of design, performance, and especially top-notch camera capabilities. If you’re looking for a phone that takes amazing photos and can easily handle all your daily tasks, the Vivo X100 is worth considering. This phone isn’t just about good looks; it’s about redefining what we expect from smartphone cameras.

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