How To View Competitors’ Display Ads On Facebook

How to View Competitors’ Display Ads on Facebook: An In-Depth Guide. How do I see competitor’s ads on Facebook?

In today’s rapidly changing digital marketing landscape, gaining an edge over the competition requires a deep understanding of their strategies. One key area many marketers focus on is competitor’s ads. In this context, you may want to understand “How to view competitors’ display ads on Facebook?” and use that information to drive your marketing approach. The good news is – Facebook provides a tool that allows you to do precisely that.

Understanding Facebook’s Ad Library

Facebook’s Ad Library is a treasure trove for marketers aiming to glean insights from competitors’ strategies. It offers a comprehensive, searchable collection of ads currently running across Facebook company products. You can use it to see how your competitors are positioning their services or products, what kind of content they are using, and how they interact with their audience.

Just head over to Facebook’s Ad Library page, type in the Facebook page of your competitor, and explore their latest ads. The tool offers details such as the start date of the ad, the regions it’s running in, and a range of how much was spent on the ad, among other valuable data.

How to Access and View Competitors’ Display Ads on Facebook

Accessing Facebook’s Ad Library is straightforward. Facebook changed its privacy statement a few years ago. The advertisements linked to any Facebook page are now visible to anyone with a Facebook account. The process is available in this section.

1. Visit Facebook’s Ad Library

You must first go to the Facebook ad library website. Here, you may enter industry-specific data to refine your search even further.

View Competitors’ Display Ads On Facebook - Visit Ad Library
View Competitors’ Display Ads On Facebook – Visit Ad Library

2. Navigate the “Search ads” Module

There’s a section on the homepage called “Search ads.” You will be able to refine your search and eliminate irrelevant results in this area.

View Competitors’ Display Ads On Facebook - nevigate search ads
View Competitors’ Display Ads On Facebook – navigate search ads

3. Enter Pertinent Filters

This is an essential step in refining your search results. There should be three distinct fields displayed to you:

Location: Specify the place (or places) from which you would like data to be retrieved. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can pick one or several locations.

Ad category dropdown: Depending on the kind of ad you’re looking for, you can choose an ad category in this section. Facebook offers four standard categories (politics or elections, housing, jobs, and credit), in addition to an option for all ads.

View Competitors’ Display Ads On Facebook - search category
View Competitors’ Display Ads On Facebook – search category

Search by ad category: This feature lets you look for particular keywords or advertisers. You can most easily determine what kind of ads or whose ads you are looking for using this filter.

View Competitors’ Display Ads On Facebook - search ads
View Competitors’ Display Ads On Facebook – search ads by category

Once you’ve entered all the required data, hit Enter.

4. Examining the Outcomes

You should see a results page with information cards arranged by months and launched items after entering the constraints and hitting the enter key.

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5. View the Results

Every advertisement has a unique card with several details about it. The following details can be found on each card:

Ad status: This will indicate if the advertisement is running or not.

Date of ad launch: This indicates when the advertisement was released.

Details of the advertisement: To see more information about the advertisement and the page it was launched from, click this.

This is a sneak peek of the advertisement you are currently seeing. The ads displayed include those active across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network. Note that the ‘Impressions’, ‘Amount Spent’, and ‘Potential Reach’ figures are estimates and may not reveal the exact amount your competitors are investing in their campaigns.

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Strategizing Based on Your Findings

Viewing is just the first step. The real value comes from what you do with this newfound information. Analyze your competitor’s messaging, creativity, offers, and audience to understand their approach. Using these insights, you can benchmark your ad performance, identify gaps in your strategy, and discover new opportunities to engage your audience.

Privacy Considerations

While Facebook’s Ad Library is an incredibly useful tool, it’s important to note that it respects user privacy. You won’t be able to see any demographic or interest-targeting information for your competitors’ ads. Moreover, the insights provided are aggregated and anonymous.

FAQs about Facebook’s Competitor Ads

Are there other ways to view competitor ads on Facebook?
Aside from the Ad Library, several online tools and services offer social media competitive analysis. Some of them offer more detailed information, but they may also require subscription fees.

What if I can’t find the ads of my competitors?
If you can’t find your competitor’s ad, it’s possible that they are not currently running any ads. Facebook’s Ad Library only shows active ads.

Can I see the results of my competitors’ ads?
Facebook provides data such as estimated daily reach and the amount spent. It is not possible to see the real conversion data of your competitor, as that is private information.

In Conclusion…

To stay competitive in the landscape of Facebook advertising, understanding your competitors’ tactics is crucial. Using the Facebook Ad Library and other tools at your disposal, you can glean valuable insights into the advertising strategies employed by your competitors to refine your own. Remember, the goal is not to copy, but to learn, adapt and improve. By doing so, you can craft compelling Facebook ads that will help your brand stand out.

Facebook’s Ad Library is your gateway to understanding “How to view competitors’ display ads on Facebook”. When used effectively, it can be a crucial part of shaping your marketing strategy.

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