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How to Use WhatsApp Video Calls for Individual Friend and Group Calls

How to Use WhatsApp Video Calls for Individual and Group Calls? Whatsapp is widely recognized as a text messaging application. But it also offers the ability to make video calls over the internet, which are commonly referred to as VoIP calls. You can also perform group calls on WhatsApp. This comprehensive guide will explain how to make both personal and group calls using WhatsApp. We cover this topic for all available operating systems in this article.

How to Use WhatsApp Video Calls

It is worth noting that WhatsApp recently discontinued support for older operating systems. Currently, it only supports iPhones with iOS 9 or later. And for Android smartphones, it supports Android version 4.0.3 or later. However, if you are utilizing a desktop or laptop computer, there is a workaround that allows you to make video calls without requiring a smartphone. You can outsmart WhatsApp and make video calls via your computer by using an Android emulator, such as AndY, Nox, or BlueStacks. More information about this alternative method can be found at the bottom of this article.

To initiate a video call on WhatsApp, begin by opening a chat with the person you wish to contact. Then tap the Voice Call icon. Alternatively, navigate to the Calls tab and press the green button to initiate a call with a specific contact.

WhatsApp Vodio and Voice group call

If, during a call, you wish to switch from a video conversation to a voice conversation or vice versa. You can do so by selecting the Camera icon. This action will prompt WhatsApp to send a request to the person you are conversing with, asking them to switch between video and voice.

WhatsApp video calls are entirely free. But it requires an internet connection. It is important to note that making video calls via WhatsApp will consume mobile data if you are connected to a cellular network. To avoid utilizing your data allowance, it is advisable to connect to a Wi-Fi network before initiating a call.

How to Receive WhatsApp Video Call

Receiving video calls via WhatsApp is a very straightforward process. On an iOS device, you can tap the green Accept icon to answer the call. And the red icon for the Decline or reject it. On Android devices, you can swipe up to accept the call and swipe down to decline it. Or swipe up to Reply and decline the call with a quick message.

How to Restore WhatsApp Messages Easily

Suppose you receive an incoming WhatsApp group voice or video call but cannot join immediately. In that case, you have the option to join the call at a later time that suits your convenience. This functionality resembles the natural flow of an in-person conversation, allowing you to enter the group call whenever you are ready.

To utilize this feature, when the WhatsApp group call arrives, tap Ignore on the incoming call screen if you cannot join immediately. Then, when you are prepared to join the group call, access the Calls tab within the WhatsApp app and tap the active call. Users have the flexibility to join, leave, and rejoin calls multiple times, as long as the call remains active.

How to Add Contact to WhatsApp

There is also a call info screen available for the call’s creator. This displays the current participants and those who have not yet joined the call.

How to Make WhatsApp Group Call

In addition to individual video chats, WhatsApp also facilitates group video chats. These operate similarly to video calls but allow you to include multiple contacts in the conversation.

WhatsApp supports up to four participants in a group video call. To initiate a call with a contact, follow the aforementioned instructions. Once the call is accepted, you can select Add Participant, search for or select another contact you wish to include, and finally choose to add them to the call.

WhatsApp Vodio and Voice group call

When engaging in group calls on WhatsApp, it is essential to ensure that all participants have a stable internet connection. The quality of the call will be affected by the contact with the weakest connection. It is important to note that you cannot switch from a group voice call to a group video call, nor can you remove a contact during a group voice call. To disconnect a contact from the call, they must hang up. Lastly, if you have blocked another contact, you cannot add them to a call. However, you may find yourself in a group voice call with someone you have blocked if they were invited by another participant.

How to Make WhatsApp Video Calls on Desktops

Unfortunately, the WhatsApp desktop app does not support video calls. However, there is a means of overcoming this limitation for Windows users. By downloading an Android emulator, such as AndY, Nox, or BlueStacks, it is possible to install the mobile version of WhatsApp on your computer, enabling video calls. These emulators can also be installed on Mac computers. If emulators are not your preference, there is also a method to install Android directly on your PC without utilizing an emulator.

Finally, we hope you can easily make WhatsApp voice and video calls easily after reading the article. And you can also make group calls easily now. You can also get WhatsApp-related articles on our website Thank you for visiting us.

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