How to Unblock Someone from Facebook

How to Unblock Someone from Facebook? We communicate with our friends and relatives using Facebook. Nowadays it is the best platform to share something. People share their stories on Facebook’s timeline. So sometimes we are bored the someone’s post. Because sometimes they share unwanted posts. And we block them on Facebook. But over time our minds will change. And we want to unblock them. So Facebook lets to unblock them easily. In this post, we describe the procedure to unblock someone from Facebook.

How to Unblock Someone from Facebook using the Facebook App

We use the Facebook app on our mobile phones. So we unblock someone using the Facebook app on our mobile phones. This is a very easy process. So follow the instruction and unblock someone.

First, take your mobile phone. Then log in to your Facebook app. Now you can see your Home page here. Click your profile picture (or three horizontal lines) top right on the home page. The menu will open. Now select the Settings & privacy button.

Facebook App Settings & Privacy

Then a drop-down menu will open. Now you will see the Settings option. Click Settings on the menu.

Facebook App Settings

You can see the Profile Page here. Then click Profile settings top of the screen. Now Privacy window will open. And here you see the Blocking option. Then tap Blocking.

Facebook Profile and privacy page

Now you can see the profile you are blocking. Click the Unblock button beside the profile name.

Facebook app block list

A confirmation message will appear and then confirm your decision. Finally, you unblock the person from your Facebook account. You can also add someone to your blocked list here.

How to Unblock Someone from Facebook using the Facebook Website

You also use Facebook on the website. And for websites the unblocking process is different. Now we show you how to unblock on website.

Go to your web browser and open the Facebook website. Now login to your Facebook account. On your home page click your profile picture top right corner of the page. A drop-down menu appears. Click the Settings & privacy option on the menu.

Facebook Settings & Privacy Menu

Then you see Settings and click the Settings option. Then open a menu containing the Privacy option. Click the Privacy option on the left side of the window.

Facebook setting and privacy menu

Then you can see the Privacy menu on the left side of the window. Now the Blocking option will appear at the bottom of the menu. Now click the Blocking option on the Privacy menu.

Facebook Blocking

Then you can see the Block users option right side of the screen. Click the Edit button on the Block Users option.

Facebook Block users

Then open the Block users window. At the bottom of the window “See Your Blocked List” option. Then click on it. Now you can see your blocked list. Facebook Block Users List

On the list, you can see the Unblock option beside the blocked user’s name. When you click the Unblock option then a confirmation message will appear. Then confirm that you want to unblock the user. Finally, if you confirm the user unblock it from your Facebook blocked list.


So this is a very simple process to unblock someone from Facebook. You can also see the Facebook-related problem-solved article on our website www.techsellbuy.com.

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