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How To Turn Off Trending Searches On Google

How do I turn off trending searches on Google easily? How do I turn off Google trending searches on mobile or PC? Living in a digital-dominated world, we’re continuously bombarded with a plethora of information, and sometimes it can all become overwhelming.

With features like Google’s ‘Trending Searches’, the bombardment is continuous. But did you know there’s a way out? Yes, you can turn off trending searches on Google – allowing you to search an uninterrupted and undistracted cyberspace. This article will discuss how to turn off trending searches on Google.

Understanding Trending Searches on Google

Trending searches are popular queries that users on Google are currently searching for. These searches are compiled from various sources, delivering you the hottest news around the globe at a given moment.

Although a useful feature to stay updated, it may feed too much information on topics you may not be interested in. Hence, turning it off could fine-tune your Google search experience to your liking.

How to Turn Off Trending Searches on Google: The Process

To turn off trending searches, one must navigate through a series of settings on their Google app or browser. The steps for both groups of users – Android and iOS – are provided below:

For Android Users:

1. Open your mobile device browser and go to

2. At the top-right corner, you can see your Profile picture; tap on it and then click the Settings option.

How to Turn Off Trending Searches on Google for Android
3. Now tap on the General option from the Settings menu. Now, a new window will appear.

How to Turn Off Trending Searches on Google for iPhone
4. Switch the toggle off next to ‘Autocomplete with Trending Searches.’

For iOS Users:

1. Open the Google app on your iOS device.

2. The three-line (More) option is at the top left. Tap on it.

3. Now, you can see the Settings option and then click on the Settings option.

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3. Tap on the ‘Search Settings’ option.

4. Lastly, under the ‘Autocomplete’ section, switch off ‘Show Trending Searches.’

These steps will ensure that you have successfully turned off the trending searches feature on your Google app.

Turn Off Trending Searches on Google Chrome

Google Chrome users, don’t worry! Here’s a simple guide for you to turn off the trending searches:

1. Open Google Chrome on your PC.

2. Go to, and you will see the Settings option in the bottom-right corner of the window. Now click on it.

Settings Option on Google Home Page

3. A menu will appear on the screen; select the Search Settings option from it.

Settings Menu on Google Chrome

4. Select the Other Settings option from the window’s top-left corner.

5. Now scroll down and turn off the toggle next to ‘Auto-complete with trending searches.’

Turn Off Trending Searches On Google on PC

Now, your Google Chrome browser will not show any trending searches either.

Why Google Show Me Trending Searches?

There are various reasons why Google shows trending queries. First, it’s a component of their engagement strategy, which aims to maintain users’ interest in and connection to their products. Google hopes to provide people with content they may find interesting by highlighting relevant and popular subjects, encouraging them to explore deeper.

Google also uses your search history to tailor the trending searches to you. You’ll probably find related trending searches if you frequently search for particular topics. By matching trends with unique tastes and interests, personalization improves the user experience.

Website owners hoping to increase traffic and visibility may succeed by appearing in the trending search list. It’s essential to optimize your website with excellent content, make sure it’s easily accessible, and have it indexed by Google to get a spot in trending searches. Using tools such as Rank Tracker will help you monitor your optimization efforts and increase the chances of showing up in trending searches.

Google Trending Searches fulfil various purposes and cater to users’ varied needs and preferences. The following are some primary explanations for Google showing these trending searches.

Displays Popular Searches Depending on Where You Are

Google’s trending searches are relevant because they are adapted to your area, including cities, states, and nations. These trending results probably feature an important event or topic in your area. By introducing users to local events, this feature promotes community awareness and provides insight into events happening locally.

By tailoring these trends to your location, Google improves your user experience and keeps you updated on local conversations and happenings. Hence, when you come across trending searches on Google, understand that they are influenced by your search history and geography, providing an overview of hot subjects and local news.

Displays Relevant Subjects

Related subjects or recommendations based on current trends frequently appear alongside your Google search results. For example, searching for “best hiking trails” can return results like “essential hiking gear” or films with experienced hikers sharing their stories.

Google offers these suggestions to improve your search results and increase your comprehension of the subject. This demonstrates Google’s dedication to providing a seamless browsing experience. Thus, every time you search on Google, be open to finding fresh perspectives and connected topics.

Displays Well-liked Searches Dependent on Your Social Circle’s Interests

Google presents relevant material to people you engage with by customizing trending searches based on interests within your social circle. For example, if someone in your network posts about a hot topic on social media or gushes about a new restaurant, that can appear in your trending searches.

Not only does this facilitate seamless search experiences, but it also links users to companies or goods that their peers are talking about.

Google ensures users know the discussions and discoveries taking place among their peers by incorporating information from social networks into trending searches. This streamlines information flow and customizes search results by drawing on the collective wisdom and interests of a person’s social circle.

Therefore, trending searches are Google’s way of connecting you to current conversations and insights in your community, thereby fusing your online activities with the content you come across. They do this by mirroring the interests of your social connections.

Displays Search Results Based on Worldwide Popularity

Google provides consumers with globally relevant information by showcasing searches that are trending based on popularity worldwide. Regardless of search history, these patterns frequently draw attention to popular subjects, such as important events like the Olympics or the World Cup, that interest viewers everywhere.

But Google also customizes people’s trending searches according to their preferences. For example, a person regularly studying dog-related subjects may notice a greater prevalence of dog-centric tendencies. By aligning material with users’ specific interests, this customized method improves the usefulness of the trending search tool.

These popular queries have the potential to have two effects. They may operate as distractions during concentrated work or leisure time, even though they assist users in staying current on specialized issues.

Users may better manage the benefits and drawbacks of trending searches by understanding how they operate. This facilitates the creation of a search experience that is in line with personal preferences and goals.

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Displays Well-liked Search Terms Depending on Your Choices

Google delivers personalised content by fine-tuning trending searches based on your search history and interests. Google provides trending inquiries based on past searches tailored to your interests.

For example, you will likely encounter food-related trends if you regularly search for recipes and culinary advice. This strategy guarantees users are informed about the most recent advancements in their fields of interest by providing users with topics they are interested in.

Personalized trending searches aim to improve your online experience by providing interesting and relevant content. Google matches its current topics with your specific interests by using information from your search history. Google, therefore, wants to highlight the trending searches that appeal to you, regardless of your interests in technology, sports, fashion, or any other field.

Why Turn Off Trending Searches on Google?

Turning off trending searches might be helpful to users who prefer an uncluttered search space. Trending searches often crowd the search bar, pushing down your previous searches and potentially distracting you from what you were initially looking for. Moreover, it can also be a matter of privacy. While these searches aren’t personalized to your data, someone peeking over your shoulder could see these trending topics.


Like any other technological innovation, Google aims to enhance user experiences by introducing features like ‘Trending Searches.’ However, not every user finds the same features helpful. Turning off trending searches allows users to customize their search experience to their preferences.

FAQs: How to Turn Off Trending Searches on Google

Is it possible to turn off trending searches on all devices?

Yes, you can turn off trending searches on Google App and Google Chrome on all smartphones, tablets, and desktops by following the steps mentioned above.

Will turning off trending searches affect my search results?

No, turning off trending searches will not impact your search results. It will only disable the display of trending topics in the search bar.

Can I turn trending searches back on?

Yes, you can turn trending searches back on by following the same steps and switching the toggle to ‘ON.’

By knowing how to toggle such features, you take a step towards personalized digital space, empowering your online journey to be efficient and satisfactory. Remember, an informed netizen is a powerful netizen – stay curious, stay informed!

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