How to Stop Facebook from Tracking Your Location

How to stop Facebook from tracking your location? Have you ever thought that where you are going, what you are doing, where you are staying, someone very close to you is keeping a complete watch on you without your knowledge? And every person has a right to privacy, no matter how deep, close the relationship. Almost all of us believe that every human being has a personal space, to which even the closest ones do not have access. But do you know your trust is lost because of just one app? Unknowingly, you are a victim of the continuous ‘surveillance’ of that app. And what is that app? It is the app that we spend most of the day fiddling with. Yes, you are right, we are talking about the ‘Facebook’ app! Did you know, this Facebook mobile app can completely ‘track’ your location or where you are going? Even when you’re not using the app. But it is shockingly true.

And if you want to know, then you will see that Facebook has an option called ‘Location History View’. Wherever you go, you can see the history of where you’ve been. According to Facebook, this option is provided so that the user can know about the features of his preferred location. And you can post some text or picture by tagging the location, see related ads, search for a specific place or place with Wi-Fi, or find out if there are friends nearby. Facebook authorities also claim that they want to create a fairly specific history of location by using data obtained through the location service of users’ phones. If location history is turned on, Facebook can include someone’s recent location there.

How to Stop Facebook from Tracking Your Location Easily

Facebook certainly can’t monitor the app user’s movements in this way or store that data knowing their location without their permission. Especially when in many cases the secret information of Facebook users has been revealed to someone in the past. As a result, if you don’t want to expose your secret activity to Facebook, you should try to stop it quickly. Now we discuss the procedure to do it here.

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Private

It is easy to prevent Facebook from saving your location history. But it is not by going directly to the Facebook website. To do this, you have to ‘manually’ close the Facebook app on your smartphone.

First, open Facebook app on your phone. Then login into your Facebook account. Now click on the menu icon right corner of the screen.

Then choose the Settings & Privacy option from the menu. And now select the Privacy shortcuts option from here.

Facebook Settings & Privacy Menu

Now you can see Manage your location settings. Then tap on it.

Manage Your Location Settings on Facebook


Now the Go to Device Settings option from the Location Service section. Then a small window will appear. Click the Android Settings from here. Then Facebook app info will appear.

Facebook App Permissions

And click the Permissions option from here. Then tap on the Location option. And finally, click the Don’t Allow from the Location permission window.

How to Delete Facebook Location History

You can easily delete Facebook location history on your phone. For this follow the steps below and delete the Facebook history from your device.

How to See Someone’s Hidden Friend List on Facebook

First, open Facebook on your phone.  Now tap on the Menu right on the top of the screen. Now select the Settings & Privacy option from the Menu. Then click on the Settings option.

Facebook Settings & Privacy window

Scroll down and you can see the Location section here. Tap on Location.  Now you can see the Location History and tap on it. Then you can see the View Your Location History option. Click the option and type your Facebook password. Now tap on the three dots in the top right corner. Then click on Delete all location history. Now press ok to confirm to delete all location history from your Facebook.  Now delete all the location history from your Facebook.

Finally, we hope you can easily stop Facebook from tracking your location. You can also delete Facebook location history after reading this article. You can also get Facebook-related tech topics on our website www.techsellbuy.com. So stay with us and share this page with your friends. Thank you for visiting us.


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