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How to Share Your Live Location Using a Mobile Phone

How to share your live location using a mobile phone. In many cases, we need to share the location. You can also track someone’s location easily. Suppose your family or friends are coming, and you are also moving when the position of both of them changes. And you can directly share your live location for some time instead of reporting your location to the phone again and again. This way your friend can easily find you and your current location. So in this article, I will discuss live location sharing.

And by doing the same you can track the location of your loved ones through live location sharing from their phone. But in both these cases the phone must have a GPS feature. We will do this by using the location feature (GPS) of the Android phone. You can do the location map live or real-time location on Maps by sharing the location on Google Maps or Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

With the help of Google Maps, we can find out where we are at our current location. What is around me can also be found out very easily. Most people use maps to find their way to new places. Some people track and share locations on Google Maps to find other people. And that is what we will learn today in this post how to do location tracking and sharing on a map.

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How to Share Live Location Using a Mobile Phone

Live location can be shared in a few ways. Here we will look at some of the ways to share live locations. You can share your live location using any of these.

First of all, we will share through Google Maps. Google Maps is usually available by default on GPS-enabled handsets. However, this sharing will work only when both phones have GPS enabled and the phone must have an internet connection.

How to Share Google Maps Live Location

Here we show how to share live locations on Google Maps. In the beginning, turn on the location option of your smartphone and open the Google Maps application of the phone.

How to Share Live Location using Google map
Then click on your profile picture (if there is no picture then name initials) located on the upper right side. Then click on the Location Sharing option. Now a new window will open. From here click on the Share Location option.

How to Share Live Location


Then decide how long your location will be shared. Then select who you want to share the location with. And share the link that opens.

How to Share Live Location using Phone

Now see the green circle inside the red circle is the location of the person who shared his location with you. And the small blue circle is you. At this time you will see your distance. As the two get closer, the distance will decrease. And after clicking on Directions, you will see the directions for your way to him.

So this is the method to share locations on Google Maps. And here he saw how easily both position and distance are available. So let’s try it.

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Location Sharing on WhatsApp

Now I will discuss how location tracking can be done by sharing location on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has this feature. And in this case, also GPS-enabled handset will be needed and GPS should be enabled. Lockenshow should be kept on as above.

So to share the location, go to the message of the person you want to share it with. First, go to your message option in WhatsApp.

After that click on the attachment icon to the right of the message box. Then click on the Location button.

Now go to Send your current location if you want to share your current location. And for live location go to Share live location. Then some messages will come and read them and continue.

Now decide how long you want to share your live location and hit the send button. A tracking link will go away. And share this link.

How to do location tracking?

You need to open the link in the message you sent to track it. Now if you open your message then your location will be activated on the map if you open it. So hopefully you can easily track anyone’s location or share your live location from now on.

Finally, we hope you can easily share your location after reading this article. You can also locate your friend’s location using the same procedure. Share this location-tracking procedure with others. We also provide technology tips on our website. Thank you for visiting us.

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