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How to Run YouTube in Background on Android Phone?

How to run YouTube in the background on an Android phone? It’s not just the videos we always watch on YouTube, but often songs and others. Listen to the audio clip. But to do this on a mobile phone, you have to face a little problem. And the biggest problem with this is that you always have to keep YouTube open and the screen lights on. As a result, the charge ends very quickly and no other work can be done on the mobile while listening to music. So let’s know how to run YouTube in the background on an Android phone.

In this article, we will discuss how to run YouTube in the background on Android phones. It means that even if the screen of your phone is turned off, YouTube will continue. So one way for this is that the YouTube app you have on your Android phone can be played in the background if it is premium YouTube. In this section, we will discuss the free method. We will use Google Chrome web browser for this. It usually comes pre-installed on Android phones. But if not, then install it from Google Play Store.

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How to run YouTube in the background on Android phones

First, open Google Chrome from your phone. Now enter It will automatically take you to when it opens. And that means it will take you to the mobile view.

Google Chrome on Android PhoneYouTube on Google Chrome in Android

After turning on YouTube, see that there are three dots on the right side of the address bar. Now click there.
Now a drop-down menu will appear with several options. From there click on the Desktop Site option.

Desktop Site of YouTube in Android

After a while, you will see that only the domain has appeared in the address bar. And YouTube’s look has changed. In fact, the desktop site of YouTube is now loaded on your mobile.

So now play any video from YouTube or search for the song or songs you want to listen to on YouTube. After playing, press the home button of the phone without closing the Google sequence. And go to the home of the phone. Now open another app or just stay at home.

YouTube on Background in Android

This time, the sound of YouTube will be stopped, but if you go to the notification of your phone (the part that opens when you pull it down from the top of the phone, there is a notification), you will see the notification.

See that an audio controller from has been added to your notification. Now click on its play button. Now see that YouTube is running in the background of your phone. Even if your phone screen is turned off, YouTube will continue to play.

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All desktop sites will load no matter which site you visit now in your Chrome browser. Now if you want to go back to the mobile view, then in the above-mentioned method, in the browser setting, uncheck the desktop site.

Finally, we hope you can easily run YouTube in the background on an Android phone after reading this article. You can also get youtube and other technical information on our website Please share this site with others. Thank you for visiting us.

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