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How to Recover Deleted Private Message on Instagram

Accidentally or unknowingly deleted messages from your Instagram? Maybe those were important messages, or maybe not very many, but you don’t want to resign yourself to losing forever. There are many users of this social network who faced this situation and asked themselves the same question. However, you can easily recover deleted direct messages on Instagram.

If you are an Instagram user, you must have used the messaging function available for both Android and iPhone. But many times these messages disappear. Why is that? The main reasons for the deleted message are given here.

Al accidentally pressed the delete option after which all spam messages and other data are deleted. It can also occur because of a virus. And AI restores factory settings on an Android phone.

Now before going to the solutions, it is important to clarify one thing: Instagram direct messages are not stored on the network, that is, it is not registered on any of its servers. These messages are instead stored in your device’s memory. Now we will discuss some methods to recover deleted Instagram messages.

Recovering Instagram Messages using the Download Function

Certain Instagram content such as comments, photos, profile information, and other data can be downloaded via a download request, which must be processed from the user’s account.

This process may take up to 48 hours to complete. The result recovers deleted Instagram messages if you think they are permanently lost, but this waiting time doesn’t matter.
Follow the steps below to complete this reaction.

First Log in to your Instagram user account. Then press the icon on the profile which is on the top right corner of your Instagram account home page.
Click “Format” and then, the pop-up window will appear on the screen of the “Privacy and security” option.
Once there, look for the option Data Download. And then click on the Request Download option.
At this point, you must enter the email address where you want to receive the download link. Finally pressing the Next button to proceed with the work.

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Retrieve Messages from an Associated Facebook Account

You can also retrieve data from Facebook. Are you know that Facebook and Instagram are two social networks that are interconnected? But it is true that they are interconnected. And this becomes a great advantage for Instagram users.

Facebook and Instagram

This means that your Instagram messages can be accessed and retrieved through the Facebook inbox. Here we explain how to do it.

Open Facebook and log into your Facebook account. Then go to inbox. And in the menu bar on the left, click the icon Instagram Direct option. Here you will find all the deleted messages.

Android Data Recovery

Now the method we will discuss is Android data recovery. If none of the above methods work, you can try this alternative method to retrieve data from Instagram. Software that will obviously only help if you have an Android device.

It is about an effective recovery tool that will help you recover all types of lost data: contacts, photos and videos, text messages, audio files, etc. etc. And of course it can also be used to retrieve Instagram messages. For this, you must follow the steps below.

Launch the Android Data Recovery software on a PC and select the Data Recovery option. Then connect your Android device carefully to the computer using a USB cable.
Now choose the file type. The software will give two options: Find Deleted Files and Search All Files. Once you’ve chosen what you want, click the Continue button to start the recovery process. And this process may take a few minutes.
When the process is finished, the software shows you a preview of the recovered data. Just select the one you want to recover and click on the option Recover. This process the messages will be stored in the computer’s memory.

How to Backup your Instagram Account

Recovery Through Recipient

This process can be practical in some cases but may not be the ideal solution to recover deleted Instagram messages,

Even if chats or messages are deleted from our Instagram, they are still visible to whoever received them. So you always have the option to request recipients to forward these messages. It’s a very easy process.

Data Recovery from iPhone

With FoneLab you will recover data from your iPhone phone. You can also use this to back up device data and fix errors for common problems. You can easily recover photos, videos and messages from Instagram using this application. And you can also recover information from other applications such as email or WhatsApp using this app.

The app will ask you to select one option from the following three options. Then you can select one option from here.

-Recovery from iOS devices.
-Restore iTunes backup files,
-Restore iCloud backup files.

From there the process of scanning and classifying the recovered data will begin.

Finally we hope you can easily recover deleted private message on your Instagram account. You can also get Instagram related problem and solution on this website So stay with us and get your necessary technology information.

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