How to Recover a Facebook Messenger Conversation

How to Recover a Facebook Messenger Conversation! If you are a Messenger user, you may sometimes face the unpleasant situation that there are one or more messages that have been deleted. But you need to recover the messages urgently. In this post, we are going to talk about How to Recover a Facebook Messenger Conversation.

Nowadays Messenger is an instant messaging application that is very popular all over the world. Like other apps, its practical functions are very user-friendly. With it, and through smartphones, exchanging messages and other content is really easy. Among these numerous options is also Delete Message, which many users resort to free up space or, simply, to delete their unnecessary content.

Sometimes we hit the delete button wrongly too quickly. We rush without thinking about the consequences and then regret it when we suddenly remember that we deleted important messages. Let’s see what can be done to restore a conversation in Messenger that we deleted earlier.

How to Recover a Facebook Messenger Conversation

There are several methods to recover deleted messages on Facebook Messenger. But it is also important to know that in many cases it will be impossible. If, in addition to deleting them from the Application, we have confirmed on the Platform that we want to delete them permanently, they will be lost forever.

It is generally recommended not to delete content from the messaging tray that we are not absolutely sure we will need in the future. Since it’s often hard to know, the smartest thing is not to do it. And just archive messages and conversations and don’t delete them. Thus, they will disappear from the main screen, but they will be stored in the application.

The recovery process is possible if we take these precautions. Let’s see how to accomplish this task. Depending on your specific case, you can try one of the procedures. We provide here several processes to recover deleted messages and conversations from Facebook Messenger.

Recover a Facebook Messenger Conversation in Android App

You can easily recover deleted Messenger conversations using the official Android app. So follow the below steps to recover messages.

-First open Messenger or Messenger Lite application on your mobile. This is an independent app that is not integrated into the Facebook app.
-Then in the search engine that appears, enter the username from which you want to retrieve conversations.
-In the displayed list, you need to access the archived conversations.
-To reactivate it you just need to send a new message, after which the chat will return to the list of active messenger conversations.

Recover Message Through Facebook Messenger on a PC

This method we present is to retrieve messages from a computer using any Internet browser. So follow the process below to do the job.

-Open your Facebook account from an internet browser.
-Now open Messenger by clicking on the Messenger icon, which is located at the top right corner of the screen.
-Then click on the “See all messages” option.
-In the Settings icon, which is located in the upper left corner of the screen select the option “Archived conversations” option.
-After that, all conversations not visible in the main list of chats will be shown. Select the one we want to restore.
-Finally, it is enough to send a message so that this conversation is automatically reconnected to the list of regular conversations in Facebook Messenger.

Using Android File Explorer

Android File Explorer’s name is File Explorer EX, a free app that we can easily download from Google Play. It is a very interesting application because it can be used on Telegram and WhatsApp. The process of how is it used to restore conversations is available here.

-First, download the File Explorer EX the from Google Play store and then install it on your device.
-Now go to the Settings option and let’s Bonded warehouse or directly to the Micro SD card.
-Then select the Android and press the Data option from here.
-After that, a folder will open where all the files stored on the device are located. The one we should select is com.facebook.orca.
Then go to the Cache folder and open the nfb_temp option from here.
Once these actions are done, the deleted conversations will be restored automatically within a few moments.

Via Backup File

Finally, we will explore another effective method to recover a deleted Messenger conversation. This can be done both from a computer and a mobile phone. Yes indeed, for this to work first we need to have an active backup, to create system files with these simple steps.

-Open a browser and go to the Facebook official website page.

-Then login into your Facebook and press the Facebook icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Now select the Settings option from here.

-Click the Download a copy of your information and then select Create my file option.

If you had the discretion to do this at some point before deleting the conversations, the way to recover them would be relatively simple. For this follow the steps below.

-For this, you need to go to the Google Play store and download the free App File Manager called ES Application File Explorer to install it on your computer.
-Now open the app and go to the Bonded warehouse or the MicroSD card, successively opening the “Android” and “Data” folders.

-Then you need to find the com.facebook.orca folder and open it.
-And the final step is to open the “Hidden” folder and select fb_temp in it, the folder where Facebook Messenger backups are stored.

But this recovery method will be completely useless if we don’t take care to enable backup first. So, it is advisable to anticipate problems and do it now rather than later. You may not think this is very important right now, but it may very handy process. Thank you for visiting our website www.techsellbuy.com.

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