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How to Protect Mobile Phone From Hacking

How to Protect Mobile Phone From Hacking? In today’s world, not a single moment goes by without a mobile phone. The entire communication system has become like a web. And its advantage is the ease of communication. But this good turns bad when your personal information is spread on the net. And another name for this irony is mobile phone hacking. Cybercriminals steal personal information stored on smartphones. They then use this information to create confusion, financial problems, and even dishonorable losses. Hence, it is important to install a protective layer on your smartphone to protect digital security.

Reasons for which a Mobile Phone can be Hacked

Let’s know what to do to prevent mobile phone hacking under which circumstances mobile phones can be hacked.

Malware Attack

Malicious software or malware is a serious threat to mobile phone security. These are infectious diseases that enter the user’s phone without their knowledge through mobile applications or apps. While downloading the user does not notice that it is actually malware. Once installed, the malware acquires the ability to steal personal information. During this time the malware creator can see all the activities of the smartphone user. In many cases, it can even take control of the device.

Phishing Links

Phishing attacks usually occur through fraudulent emails, SMS, or phone calls. Hackers impersonate legitimate entities or lure phone users with sensitive information like login IDs, passwords, and credit card details. Then the hackers gain their own interests by holding the respective users hostage.

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Unsecured Wi-Fi network

Public Wi-Fi networks, especially those without proper security measures, are a haven for hackers. When users send their personal photos, videos, or other information through these networks, cybercriminals can intercept them midway. Then the data is redirected to its desired destination. Additionally, by deploying fake networks or using packet sniffing tools, hackers can view sensitive information, including passwords and financial information.

Mobile Phone Hack

How to Protect Mobile Phone Data From Hacking

There are some simple things you can do to save your mobile data. These are listed below.

Keeping Software Up To Date

Update mobile phone operating systems and applications regularly. Software updates usually include some security features. These help to overcome the operational weaknesses of the phone. As a result, the device is protected from possible hacking attempts. So it is better to turn on the automatic update of the phone.

Use Strong and Unique Passwords

Create an alphanumeric password of at least eight characters for the mobile phone. This means strengthening the password by combining upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid creating simple passwords like your date of birth or two to four characters at the end of your phone number. Because they are easily predictable. Additionally, use different passwords for accounts registered in different apps. And change this password every few months and use a new strong password.

Enabling two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication means verifying an entrant’s identity a second time to access an account after entering a password. This is done by scanning any one of the fingerprints of the original user of the phone. In most cases, this is also done through OTP (one-time password) sent to the registered phone number. And this code is unique and expires soon. As a result, you need to enter the account with this code in a very short time. This two-factor authentication method acts as a barrier against mobile phone hacking

Be Careful Installing Apps

Only download apps from trusted sources like official app stores like Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. Check before downloading apps. Read user reviews for this app. Check if the developers are updating the app on time and responding properly when reporting issues. Avoid downloading old or brand-new apps.

Avoid Clicking on Any Links

Beware of suspicious emails, messages, or pop-ups that ask for personal information, passwords, or financial details. Avoid clicking on these links or downloading anything from unknown sources. Legitimate sources do not request such sensitive information.

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Installing Security Software

Install a mobile security app that already has a good reputation in the industry. Such apps offer features like malware detection, anti-phishing protection, and safe browsing. Update this app regularly to stay safe from any hacking threats.

Use a VPN when Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are often insecure. Which means hackers can easily intercept data transmission. In this case, Virtual Private Network or VPN sends the necessary information encrypted or wrapped in signals. This makes it relatively more difficult for hackers to steal information. Good VPN apps are available on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. After installing the VPN app, connect to the VPN server before using public Wi-Fi.

How to Recover Hacked Phone

Remove Suspicious Applications

If you suspect a mobile phone app, remove it immediately. Many times some apps are available that the user has not installed himself. Even their mobile phone photos, contacts, and location are allowed. Uninstall such apps immediately. If it is not visible in the initial state, then if there are any problems related to phone operation, find them immediately and remove them.

Remove the Phish File

Check the phone whether there is any phishing file. These may be files that are not commonly recognized or have strange names or extensions. A file explorer application can be used to search for these files. Then delete them as soon as you can.

Disabling Admin Access from the App

Apps are cybercriminals’ gateway to smartphones. If admin access is enabled for all apps on the phone, admin access may also be automatically enabled for newly installed apps. And once hackers get into the phone through the app, they also get admin access. That is, the control of the entire phone is now in their hands.

So first go to phone settings to disable admin access. There you will see a list of apps that have admin access under “Device Administrator” inside the “Security” section. From there, admins can revoke access from those deemed untrustworthy.

Mobile Phone Hacking

Wipe Device Cache

The cache is a temporary storage area of the phone. It stores app settings and website cookies as well as information that the user uses frequently while browsing the phone. While hacking the phone, the hacker may have planted malware in the cache. So to clear the cache go to the phone settings and find the “Storage” section. Then you can clear the device cache by clicking “Clear Cache” under “Cache Data”.

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Factory Reset the Phone

If the problem persists after doing all the above steps, then the last step is to factory reset the phone. This will erase all data on the phone, along with any malware present Before factory resetting the phone, don’t forget to back up the necessary data. Now go to phone settings and find the ‘System’ section. Pressing “Factory Reset” after entering “Reset” under “Advanced” will turn the phone into a newly purchased dataless phone.

Finally, having the entire world at your fingertips through a mobile phone is undoubtedly a blessing. However, it is very important to take proper precautions regarding the dangers that arise. There, taking the right steps to prevent mobile phone hacking can make the proximity of technology more enjoyable. Then transactions, conversations, and data storage will be fearless and reliable with this small device.

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