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How to Make Video Using Google Photos App

How to make videos using Google Photos App. We use various Google services almost every day. Google has many beautiful features which are very useful in our daily life. Google Photos app is one of them. Use the Google Photos app to create beautiful videos using photos. This is one of the very useful features of Google. Let’s know how to make videos from photos with the Google Photos app very easily. With the help of Google Photos, you can create videos from photos using your computer, iPhone, or Android phone. How to make it? No tension, In this article we discuss the details procedure to do this.

How to Make Video Using Google Photos App on Computer

You can easily make videos from photos using the Google Photos app. Follow the steps below to make a video using your computer.

First, open Google Chrome or any web browser. After opening the browser, enter this website Now open the Google Photos app on your computer.

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Then sign in with your Google account. If the browser is signed in to the Google account, then there is no need to log in again.Google Photos - Utilities

Since the video will be made from pictures, it is better to upload the pictures to Google Photos in advance.

Now click on the Utilities option on the left side menu bar. After clicking on the Utilities option, click on the Movie button.
After clicking on Movie a new window will open. Now click on the New Movie option to create a new video from there.Google Photos- New Movie button

Now you can see all the pictures you have uploaded here. Then select the number of photos you want to make a video with. Once the photo is selected, click on the Create button on the upper right side.

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Create Movie

Then you can watch the movie here. After watching the Creating Movie for some time From the right side panel you can add more pictures if you want. And how long the pictures will be viewed for each image.

Create movie- Google photos

From here it is possible to edit music and edit. A sound will be added to this video by default. You can fix the Music from Google’s free music by clicking on the music icon below to make the Music change. If you do not want any music, select No Music. Or click Theme Music. Clicking on the theme music you will see the music panel on the right.

From here, select music for the video from the picture you want. Now click on the Save button on the right and save the video. After some time your movie will be saved.

Create a Video from the Picture by Selecting the Picture Directly

You can start the same thing by selecting the pictures you have already done directly. To do this, select the many pictures you want to make in the Photos Tab. Then click the (+) sign option from the right side. After clicking here you can see the Movie option. Now click on the movie.

Create Movie Directly

From then on, you will get everything like the top steps. Now you can easily create your movie by following the above step.

How to Create Video Using Google Photos App on Android Phone

You can use the Google Photos app to make videos from photos very easily on Android phones. This is a very simple method. Here we will discuss how to make videos using Google Photos App on Android phones. Let’s see how to make videos from photos using the Google Photos app.

If your phone does not have the Google Photos app, then download the Google Photos App from the Play Store first. Once the Google app is installed, open the app. And it will show your phone pictures by default.
Now select the offline photos you want to make a video with and click on the + (plus) sign on the top right side.

Then click on the movie button. If you click on the Movie button, your phone’s images will be uploaded to the Google server. And after a while, they will be processed and downloaded back to your phone as projects. And in which you will get editing options just like a computer.

If you want to edit the music, click on the music icon. In this case, it will access your phone audio. And from here you can add any audio to your video. Save if everything is correct. After some time your newly created video will be saved.

Finally, we hope you can create movies using Google Photos App easily. We describe the details to create movies in this article. We also provide various tech tips on our website. So visit our website and share this with your friends. Thank you for visiting us.

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