How to Make Folders on iPhone

How to Make Folders on iPhone? iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Because it gives a user-friendly interface. You can make a folder for files. In this folder, you can store only file management apps. Document file is very much important for any user. So create a folder for document files on your iPhone.

You can also create a folder to organize your app on your iPhone. You can use a lot of apps on your iPhone. Some of your apps are rarely used. And some of your apps use frequently. So on your iPhone, you can organize some of your apps in a folder.

How to Make Folders on iPhone

Now we show you how to make folders on iPhone for file management. For this open your iPhone and you see your home screen. Then open the File app.

iPhone file apps

Now you will see the Browser screen. You see the Location button. Tap the Location button to expand it. Then you see the option where you want to create the folder like iCloud Drive or On My Phone. Select a location you want to create the folder. Then click the three dots located on top of the screen.

iPhone browse app

Then a pop-up menu will appear. Now select the New Folder button from the menu. Then name the folder using the on-screen keyboard. Click the Done button to make the folder.

How to Make a Subfolder on iPhone

Sometimes we need a subfolder into a folder. You can also make a subfolder into a parent folder on your iPhone. For this go to the parent folder. Then you will see a Plus button. Tap the Plus button and select Create Folder button.

How to Delete a Folder on iPhone

On your iPhone, you can also delete any folder easily. Go to the folder and long press on the folder which you want to delete. Then a pop-up menu will appear. Press the Delete button to delete the folder.

How to Create an App Folder on iPhone

Now we can show how to Create an App Folder on iPhone. You can use this folder to organize your app. You can group several Apps into a customized folder. On your iPhone, you see the App on your home screen. Select an App you would like to move into a folder. Tap and hold the App icon. Then a pop-up menu will appear. Now you can move this app. And you see a minus icon on the top left of the app icon.

select app for make a app folder

Now drag the app on top of another app you want a group to. Then a folder opens on the screen inside the second app.

arrange app on a folder on iPhone

You can also add an App to this folder. For that long press on the App icon, you want to place it into the same folder. Drag down the app on top of the folder.

arrange app on iPhone

iPhone automatically generates a name for the folder. Then you can rename the folder. Open the folder and tap on an app icon until you see the cursor on the app name. Then change the name using the on-screen keyboard. Enter a name and press the Done button. Then tap outside of the folder to return to the home screen. Finally, tap the Done button in the top right corner of the Home screen. Now you can also add another app to this folder. For this drag down the app on top of this folder.

How to Delete an App Folder on iPhone

You can also delete the app folder on your iPhone. But remember if you delete the folder your app does not delete from your app library. The app will place on your home screen. To delete the folder long press on the folder you want to delete until a pop-up menu will appear.

remove an app folder on iphone

Now tap the Remove Folder button. Then a confirmation message will appear. Tap the Remove from Home Screen button to confirm.

So we hope you can Make Folders on your iPhone easily. If you want to know about tips on iPhones then visit our website www.techsellbuy.com. You can also see How to Clear iPhone Cache. This helps your iPhone run fast.

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