How to Import Google Contacts to iPhone

How to Import Google Contacts to iPhone? Are you switching your Android phone to an iPhone? If you want to transfer your Google contacts to your iPhone then read this article. Most people store their contact on Gmail. Google provides a contact management service called Google Contact. You can save your contact on it and also customize your contact also. Google Contacts also offers to edit your contact names, numbers, and other information of your contact. So with this, you can store your contract online. And you can easily access it online from anywhere. If you want to transfer this contact to your iPhone then see the article carefully.

How to Import Google Contacts to iPhone

There are several ways to import your Google contacts to your iPhone. There is another way to store your contact online iCloud. You can also customize your contact easily. Now we discuss here all the procedures to transfer contacts to iPhone.

Import Google Contacts to iPhone

This is a very simple way to transfer your contacts from Gmail to your iPhone directly. Follow the instruction and do this easily.

Take your iPhone and open the Settings app. Then scroll down and tap click on the Passwords & Account button.

Import Google Contacts to iPhone Password & Account.png

Now Add Account screen will open. You can see various account options here like iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook.com, and other networks.

Import Google Contacts to iPhone Add Account

Now you select Google. Then ask Gmail account Username and Password for login. After logging in, you will see a slider with various Google services. Now enable the Contact button. Then tap the Save button top right on the screen. All process is done. Now check your iPhone contact. You will see Google contacts on your iPhone.

Import Google Contacts to iPhone using iCloud

You can also transfer Google contacts to iCloud and then import them to your iPhone or iPad. Now we will show you how to transfer Google contacts to your iPhone using iCloud.

Export your Contacts from Google Contacts

First export contacts from Google. For that open your browser and go to Google Contacts. Then your contact will show on this window. Now you can see the Export option on the left side of this window. Then click the Export button.

Google Contact window

Then Export contact window will appear. Here show the option you want to export the contact. You must select the vCard (for iOS Contacts) option. Then click the Export button. Then a .vcf file will download which contains your contact.

Google contact Export contact window

Import Contacts to iCloud Contacts

The next step is to import Google contacts to iCloud contacts. Now open your browser and go to the iCloud website. The iCloud website is www.icloud.com. Then login into your iCloud account.

icloud account

Select Contacts from this window. Then your iCloud contact show on the window. Then click the Settings button on the left bottom of this window. After clicking the Settings button a pop-up window will appear. Then select the Import vCard button.

import contact to icloud

Now select the vCard which downloads from Google Contacts earlier. It will take some time depending on the number of your contacts. Now you will see all the contact on your iCloud account.

Import iCloud Contacts to iPhone or iPad

Now describe how to import iCloud contacts to iPhone or iPad. Take your iPhone in hand and open the settings app.

iPhone app screen with setting app

Now tap your Apple ID name. And then click the iCloud button on the Apple ID window. Then the following screen will appear.Apple ID window

Then an iCloud window will open with various apps. Then select the Contacts app and turn it off. When you turn it off a pop-up window will appear. Then click the Keep on My iPhone button.

iCloud app on iPhone with contacts

And then turn on the Contacts button. When you turn it on then appear a pop-up window. In this window saying do you want to merge with the existing one? So click on the Merge button. Finally, all iCloud contacts are successfully imported to your iPhone.

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