How to Get My AI on Snapchat Easily

How to Get My AI on Snapchat? AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a great feature on Snapchat. You can easily use this feature. If you want to get AI on Snapchat then this article going to be very helpful for you. This article provides a comprehensive guide on accessing artificial intelligence (AI) through the My AI chatbot on Snapchat. It also gives you instructions on engaging in conversations with My AI and personalizing its appearance and responses. So let’s read the article carefully and get your AI on Snapchat.

How to Access My AI on Snapchat for Free

Previously My AI was exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers. But now My AI is now available free of charge. This is a very simple way to open the My AI conversation to begin. While My AI can also be accessed on a computer using Snapchat, the following steps explain how to do so on the smartphone app.

  1. Open the Snapchat app and tap on the Chat tab bottom of the screen.

How to Get My AI on Snapchat - Snapchat homescreen

2. You can see the chat list here. Now select My AI from the list of options.

3. If it’s your first time using AI on Snapchat, a welcome message will greet you. Tap the Okay button to start chatting.

Snapchat AI

How to Use My AI on Snapchat

Interacting with My AI is similar to conversing with your other Snapchat friends, although there are some differences. For instance, the chatbot cannot be called, nor can it understand your location. When you send a photo Snap to My AI, it will respond with a text message. Snapchat+ subscribers may even receive a photo response from My AI.

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You can also send text messages, and emojis, play question-and-answer games, and receive filter recommendations from My AI. Furthermore, it can listen to and respond to audio messages, showcasing its futuristic capabilities.

In addition, the My AI chatbot is seamlessly integrated into other chats. Simply type “@myai” to open your My AI on your Snapchat. My AI will then respond directly within the conversation with your human friend. This functionality is also applicable to Snapchat group chats.

How to Customizing My AI on Snapchat

You can also customize your My AI in your Snapchat. To personalize My AI on Snapchat and make it feel like your own robot, you can choose to modify its appearance and behavior. You have the option to select a new avatar for My AI and customize its outfit. To change the Bitmoji avatar, tap on its current face and select Customize. Here, you can edit features such as the skin, hair, eyes, and more. Additionally, accessories like glasses, earrings, and other items can be added to enhance your chatbot’s appearance.

How to Customizing My AI on Snapchat

Snapchat+ users have the extra capability of crafting a custom bio for My AI. It alters the chatbot’s personality. Free users can also attempt this, although the customizations may not persist throughout the entire conversation. For example, by requesting My AI to “Pretend you’re Shakespeare and write a short poem about the stars,” the bot’s speech pattern will change accordingly.

Understanding My AI on Snapchat

My AI is a chatbot that is exclusively available within the Snapchat app. It operates in a manner similar to other chatbot services, responding with written messages as though you were texting a real person.

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You can engage with My AI to seek advice, answer trivia questions, generate stories, and more. While My AI is powered by ChatGPT. But it has certain limitations exist, making it less suitable for certain tasks compared to more robust AI services. Nonetheless, it offers an enjoyable and interactive experience.

Finally, we hope you can get My AI on your Snapchat and know the details about My AI. You can also get more Snapchat-related articles on our website Thank you for visiting us.

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