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How to Edit a PDF in Google Docs – 3 Easy Steps

How to Edit a PDF in Google Docs? Do you want to edit a PDF but don’t have the software? Don’t worry. You can do it right in your Google Docs. You can easily edit your PDF and add and remove text, charts, images, and more work using Google Docs. Then, you can save the file in PDF format also.

Google Docs is a very essential web-based application for creating and editing your document on the web browser. In this tutorial, we will show you how to edit a PDF using the Google Docs editor. It’s straightforward to do, and with just a few simple steps, you can have your PDF edited and looking great. So let’s get started.

How to Edit PDF on Google Docs

You can edit your PDF file without installing any application on Google Docs. Open a browser and sign in to your Google account. Now open Google Docs. Now follow the easy steps given below and edit your PDF document.

Upload PDF file to Google Drive

To edit your pdf file, open Google Drive on your browser. Upload the pdf file into your drive. To upload the pdf file, click the New button on the left-top side of Google Drive. Then, a drop-down menu appears on the screen. Click File Upload from the menu.

google drive new button
Google Drive’s new button

Browse the file from your computer you want to upload. You can also drag the file into Google Drive. Now you can see your pdf in the drive folder.

Open the PDF File with Google Docs

Now, double-click on the pdf file to open the file. After opening the PDF file on your Google Drive, you can see the Open with Google Docs option at the top of the screen. And then click on it. Now, your pdf file will open with Google Docs.

google drive open with Google Docs
Google Drive opens with Google Docs

There is another way to open the file. Right-click on the file, then open a menu. Click the preview option from the menu, then open the file. Or click the Open with option and select Google Docs. Then, your pdf file will open with Google Docs.

Edit the File on Google Docs

After opening the pdf file with Google Docs, you can edit the pdf text like a document file. Google Drive will convert the file to a document file to edit automatically. Now, you can add or remove text, images, and tables, and also you can use voice typing on Google Docs. You can also check grammar using Grammarly.

When you complete your editing, it’s time to save the file in pdf format. To save and download the document as a PDF, click the File option from the toolbar in the top-left corner of Google Docs. Then, the File menu will open, select the Download option, and click PDF Document (.pdf).

How to Edit a PDF in Google Docs save option
How to Edit a PDF in Google Docs Save option

Now, your document will be saved and downloaded to your computer. So, finally, you get your pdf file edited copy using these three steps.

How to Change a PDF to a Google Doc

Changing a PDF file to a Google Doc file is also very easy. For this, open the PDF file using Google Docs. Then click the File option from the toolbar, select Download, and tap the Microsoft Word (.docx). Then, your file will save and download in a .docx file.

How to Edit a PDF in Google Drive to change a PDF to a Google Doc

To edit a pdf file, upload it to your Google Drive. For this, click New > File Upload > Select your file from your PC. Now, from your Google Drive locate the file and double-click on the file to open it. After opening the file, click the Open with Google Docs option on your screen. Now, you can edit your file in Google Docs easily. And finally, download and save your file in PDF format from the File option.

Can I Edit the PDF File in Google Doc

Yes, you can easily edit a PDF file using Google Docs’ word processor. But remember you must upload the pdf file on your Google Drive. And then open this file with Google Docs, and then you can edit the file.

So, we hope you can edit and save your PDF file in Google Docs. You can also get error-free articles like this on our website, So share with others.

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