How to Download Movies from Netflix

How to Download Movies from Netflix? Are you want to watch Netflix movies or shows offline? Sometimes you want to watch movies or shows offline. Because of traveling somewhere where no internet connection, fly on a plane or some other reason. So in this article, we discuss the process to download Movies or shows. This is an easy and simple process to download videos from Netflix.

You can download the movie from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet. You can also download it from the Amazon fire tablet, windows 10, or windows 11 computer or tablet. But remember that you need the latest version of Netflix. So update your Netflix app to do this.

How to Download Movies and Shows from Netflix

You can easily download movies and TV series from Netflix. You can download a single movie or TV series. So if you want to know the process then follow the instruction.

Download a Movie

First, log in to your Netflix account. Then select your profile on which you want to download the movie. Select the movie that you want to download. Click on the movie. Then open your selected movie details.

Netflix Download screen

Now you can see the Download button under the Play button. Tap on the Download button. Then start downloading the movie. You can also see the download progress on the screen. Within a few moments, your download will be complete. The download time depends on your internet speed.

Download TV Series

When you want to download a TV series then select the series. Then click on the title of the series. Now you can see the episode of this series on the screen. Every episode has a download button. So click the arrow button (download button) which episode you want to download. You can download several episodes at a time or single. On the screen, you can see the download progress. It takes a few moments depending on the internet speed. Many movies and shows don’t have any download option. You can’t download them because of a license issue.

How to Watch the Download Movie or Shows on the Netflix

You can easily watch the download videos. If your PC or phone connects to the internet, then click the movie and play. Your download movie will play normally. But if you have no internet connection then it’s different to play. For this tap the download button bottom of the screen. Then open your My Download page on the screen. Or on PC click your profile image then clicks the My Download option.

Netflix My Download

Now you can see your download movie and show on here. Now click the movie or show you want to play.

How to Delete the Download Movie or Shows

If you want to delete your download video to clean up memory then follow the instruction. Go to your My Download option on Netflix. Now you can see the list of your movie. You can also see a pen icon (Edit button) top-right on the screen.

Netflix Delete option

Tap the icon then the delete option will appear for all the titles. Now click the delete button (red X button) next to the title you want to delete. You can delete single or multiple titles from here. And also you can delete all your download movie from the settings option.

So you can download and delete your Netflix movies and shows now. You can also get Netflix-related articles on our website. You can also get how to how to lock and unlock your Netflix profile on this site. So stay with us and get updated information.

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