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How to Download Instagram Videos

How to Download Instagram Videos! Though Instagram is the social network for photography, it has video as the second most popular content format. Video on this platform is used for everything from memes to news to stories, so you’re likely wondering how you can do it. Download Instagram videos.

Well, you are not the only or the last one to ask yourself this same question. For this reason, we saw the need to answer this question and show our readers how tools they can download any Instagram video through Android, iPhone, or web page.

How to Download Instagram Videos

You can easily download Instagram videos. There are several ways to download Instagram videos. We discuss some easy ways to do this job. So read the following section for download videos.

How to download Instagram videos without apps?

If you want to download Instagram videos without installing any application, it is better to use websites like Such pages allow you to download videos from your browser by simply pasting the publication link and selecting the download value. Also, another advantage is that you can use them both from PC and mobile because you only need a browser.


Now, to download an Instagram video with you need to follow these steps.

On Instagram, find the video you want to download. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and press the LinkĀ button.

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Now enter Paste the copied link in the text bar on this website and press the Download button. After a moment your video will start downloading. You can also download videos from Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter as well by using this website.

There are also hundreds of websites to download Instagram videos like,,, and These can work as a substitute if stops working for some reason.

How to download Instagram videos on Android?

Now, if you prefer to have an application on your mobile whose specific task is to download Instagram videos, then this option is for you. The app we are going to talk about now is called “Video Downloader for Instagram” and it is quite easy to use.

Video Downloader for Instagram

Install Video Downloader for Instagram from Play Store.
Go to Instagram and search for a video you want to save.
Open the video and tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
And now select the Share to option from the small window. Then choose Insmate Pro.
A very good alternative to this application is to download videos from Twitter as well. We recommend using this app to save content from both apps.

How to download Instagram videos on iPhone?

Unfortunately, for iPhone, there are no good apps with this functionality available in the App Store. In this case, iOS users can use a download website to download the above video. And one such website is You can download Instagram video download very easily by using this website.


First, on your iPhone, open the Instagram app. Find the video you want to download and click to watch it.
Touch the three dots at the bottom right of the screen.
And then select the link option. The post link will be automatically copied to the clipboard. Now go to the browser and paste the link in the text box and press the download button.

How to Download your Own Instagram Videos?

Although the methods described above are useful for downloading videos posted by other users, we cannot forget that Instagram allows us to download videos uploaded to our profile. So, if the video you want to save is published by you, then follow the procedure below to download it.

Open the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone mobile.
Find the video you want to download in your user profile.
Now click once on the post to open the video. Then click the three dots right side of the screen. Select the option called Save to your device. After a few moments, your video will download without any problem.

Finally, we hope you can easily download Instagram videos. You can also get Instagram-related posts like how to update your Instagram account, and how to back up your Instagram account on our website. Thank you for visiting us.

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