How to Create a Netflix Kid’s Profile

Netflix is one of the best streaming web services for watching movies and TV shows. Netflix has a huge amount of amazing movies and TV shows for children. But you can’t watch every movie or show with your children. Because Netflix also has many mature videos that are not for kids. For this Netflix offer to create a viewing restriction page. So you can create Kid’s profile for your children. Parents always want their children entertained by movies and also educate something from these movies. So don’t worry in this article we discuss the process to create profiles for kids on Netflix.

How to Create a Kid’s Profile on Netflix

You can easily create multiple profiles on Netflix. To create the kid’s profile go to your Netflix account. You can do this on your Netflix app and also on your PC. Now log in to your account. Click the account icon top-right corner of the profile page. Then a drop-down menu will appear on the screen. Now you can see your profile here. And you can also see the Manage Profile option below your profiles.

Netflix Manage Profiles option

Tap on the Manage Profile option. Now the Manage Profile window will open. You can see all your profiles here. To create a kid’s profile click on the Add Profile.

Netflix Manage Profiles Screen

Now Add Profile window will show on the screen. Type your profile name on the text field. Now you can see an option next to the name called Kids. Select the Kid’s option. If you select this option then only TV shows and movies that are for kids 12 years and under are available.

Netflix Add Profile Screen

Then click the Continue button. Your profile will be created successfully. It’s time to edit your kid’s profile. So let’s do it by following the instructions below.

Edit your Kid’s Profile

Now click on the Kid’s profile you want to edit. Then you can see the default picture. Click on the picture then several pictures will show on the screen. Now select a picture and click the LET’S DO IT button. Your profile picture will change now. Now select your language. And then click the Allowed TV shows and movies option. You can see two options here. One option is Little Kids Only and the other is For Older Kids and below. Now select your option.

Netflix Edit Profile for Kids

Finally, click the Save button and you have successfully created your profile.┬áNow, this profile shows only the content allowed by Netflix for the kids. You can see the simplified look on the Netflix Kids’ profile. Now select carefully movies and TV shows for the profile. You can also download movies and TV shows for the kids on this profile.

You can also delete your profile from this page. For that click the DELETE PROFILE button next to the Cancel button. Remember that use Netflix’s latest version for the recent features.

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