How To Connect eBay To Shopify Easily

How to connect eBay To Shopify easily? These days, many sellers have chosen to go online to capitalize on the large consumer base and numerous options provided by the selling platforms.

Particularly, marketplaces have shown to be beneficial to sellers in increasing revenue and product visibility, turning them into the go-to destination for beginning an online business. However, if you’re willing to boost your earnings and brand awareness, you could consider growing your company by creating your own branded internet store.

Thus, if you still need to decide if you should sell on Shopify or eBay, read this post to find out the advantages of using both.

eBay Versus Shopify

Thus, let’s begin by highlighting the key distinctions and parallels between eBay and Shopify in order to properly appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of both of those selling platforms.

eBay Selling: Benefits and Drawbacks

Both novices who are still learning the ins and outs of online selling as well as seasoned merchants can benefit from using eBay. eBay is incredibly easy to use right from the start. Setting up a seller account only takes a few minutes, and it appears pretty straightforward. Additionally, eBay comes with a number of built-in tools to support sellers in expanding their businesses.

Due to its popularity in both last-minute auction sales and buy-it-now deals, eBay has grown significantly. Every day, thousands of people visit eBay in search of great bargains, skimming through the results to locate the greatest offers.

Specifically, the auction selling strategy is frequently employed to grab customers’ interest and keep them involved throughout the selling process. Therefore, eBay is the greatest place for your business to start if you want to increase sales and draw in new clients.

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Like many other marketplaces, eBay is popular and easy to use, but it also has fiercer competition when it comes to product offers and prices. Attracting clients and making sales on marketplaces are difficult endeavors.

You will have to invest a lot of time in fine-tuning your listings and starting expensive advertising campaigns if you want to outperform your rivals. That may get very pricey, particularly if you’re not very knowledgeable about eBay SEO optimization which is essential to appear in the search results’ first pages.

The benefits of using an e-commerce platform

Retailers can build their own branded web storefronts that are exclusively focused on their product offering with the help of eCommerce systems like Shopify. Here, you can market your goods without having to deal with the pricing tactics of rival companies. Naturally, personal websites improve your reputation and brand recognition, resulting in more repeat business and customer loyalty.

This can discourage you from considering starting an online store, but fortunately, Shopify can help. Take into consideration that Shopify finds a balance between user-friendliness and the level of control and customization available to you.

Hence, Shopify makes it possible for sellers to almost quickly establish their own user-friendly e-commerce website by utilizing website automation for both dropshipping and non-dropshipping needs, in addition to giving them access to a variety of helpful features and tools.

Additionally, if you are looking for a reliable and comprehensive e-commerce platform, Shopify is an excellent choice. With technical assistance from a group of Shopify specialists, countless editable templates, tools for growth, and a thriving community, you can create a stunning online store that stands out from the competition.

Additionally, Shopify offers practical software add-ons to handle every facet of your company operations, making it a one-stop-shop for all your e-commerce needs.

Reasons to Sell on Both eBay and Shopify

Customers come here specifically to search for the things they desire because of the large selection of offerings and the dependability of the service. This makes it easier for merchants to gain recognition for their products. But may require them to lower their prices and reduce profit margins.

eCommerce platforms assist you in raising brand and product exposure. However, in order to become visible, you will have to rise to the top of Google search results. Additionally, developing a clientele without any website authority will take time.

Consider using both when deciding whether to use an eCommerce platform or a marketplace in order to maximize the benefits of existing website platforms and audiences.

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To effectively build your brand and draw attention to your products and clients, it is advisable to utilize eBay. However, to differentiate yourself from the sea of sellers on the platform, you should make use of the eBay advertising campaigns that are available and adhere to SEO best practices. Once you start receiving traffic, encourage them to visit your Shopify store to boost your sales.

Connect eBay To Shopify

Connect Shopify to eBay Using LitCommerce

Sellers may need more time and effort to finish the integration if they choose the manual way to link Shopify to eBay; however, if they choose the Shopify to eBay software, the task might be completed more fast and precisely.

LitCommerce is the most cost-effective and convenient solution for sellers that wish to manage all of their data in a single, central dashboard while selling on several sales channels.

This section will walk you through the four easy steps of integrating the LitCommerce app with Shopify and eBay.

1. Add LitCommerce from Shopify App Store

First go to Shopify App Store and search for the app LitCommerce Amazon Etsy eBay+ app.

LitCommerce Amazon eBay Etsy +

Install the app. Then go to the Shopify dashboard. Selecting Install App in the upper right corner will enable you to connect to the LitCommerce app with simply.

Install LitCommerce App

After install the app you’ll be taken to the LitCommerce dashboard where you can begin connecting your eBay store.

To create a Channel with LitCommerce, simply select a nickname and your desired store location. Once complete, connect your Shopify and eBay accounts by clicking “Connect Your Account” in the LitCommerce integration.

2. Edit listings before publishing to eBay

When using LitCommerce, one advantage is that you don’t have to manually import products from Shopify to eBay. The app will handle the entire process automatically once you connect the two channels.

This eliminates the need for manually matching products between the two channels to prevent duplication, which saves both time and effort. To list a product on eBay or vice versa, simply select the desired products by checking the tickbox.

Then, choose eBay from the List Products on Channel dropdown menu. The app will transfer the selected listings to draft, where you can edit them as needed.

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LitCommerce app allows you to transfer your desired listing to draft and provides two editing methods.

1.The Single mode enables you to edit listings individually by filling in product details such as specifications, images, titles, shipment, etc.

2. On the other hand, the Multi-edit mode is a smart and effortless way to adjust all listings through a spreadsheet interface.

Once you have edited and adjusted your listings, you can easily publish them on eBay directly from the LitCommerce dashboard.

3. Shopify eBay Sync

By enabling the Shopify eBay sync, you can synchronize your inventory and pricing across all your sales channels.

With inventory synchronization turned on, LitCommerce will automatically update your inventory quantity to match the quantity in your LitCommerce central catalog. This way, every time there is a new order on your channels, the inventory quantity will decrease according to the amount ordered and will be updated on all selling channels.

This ensures that you can always display the correct quantity for every product to avoid overselling. Additionally, activating the Price Sync feature will update the price of all listings on your channels to match the price of products in your LitCommerce catalog.

You can activate Price Sync for each sales channel individually. Once activated, LitCommerce will begin updating the price of all listings on that channel with the price of linked products in your catalogue. The price will also be automatically synced when you create a new listing on that channel.

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If you enable Inventory Sync, all orders on your marketplace channels will be imported to the LitCommerce system. To view orders, go to All Orders from the left sidebar menu.

4. Manage Shopify and eBay Orders

To complete orders, please access the Orders section on your Shopify dashboard. This is where you can utilize the current order fulfillment methods integrated into your web store. There are two ways to fulfill orders:

1. Manage and fulfill orders using your marketplace fulfillment methods: If you have an order on your marketplace channel, such as eBay, you can navigate to your eBay account and apply your integrated eBay fulfillment methods.

2. Manage and fulfill all orders from your channels in your main store: You have the option to import all orders from a channel to your main store for centralized management and fulfillment. For example, you can choose to automatically import all Etsy orders to your main store on Shopify and apply your integrated Shopify fulfillment methods.

Furthermore, Shopify offers a comprehensive suite of tools for online retail businesses, ranging from website creation and hosting to inventory management and payment processing.

Finally completing the integration of Shopify and eBay, your business will have access to multiple sales channels. This integration has the potential to significantly boost your growth in the coming months by generating a large volume of new orders from eBay.

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