How to Combine Photos on iPhone – 2 Simple Ways

How to Combine Photos on iPhone? The iPhone camera can take high-quality pictures. The iPhone also supports high-resolution pictures. Nowadays people want to share their photos with friends and others. It is often necessary to combine the photos in order to share them. You can easily combine the photos on your iPhone. There are several ways to combine the photos on your iPhone and your iOS devices. In this article, we discuss the procedure to combine photos on your iPhone. So if you want to know the procedure to combine the pictures then read the article carefully.

How to Combine Photos on iPhone

You can combine photos in several ways on your iPhone or iOS device. One way to combine the photo is using a shortcut app. Shortcuts are Apple’s official apps. So you can install it from the Apple App Store. And you can also use a third-party app to combine photos. We discuss several procedures here. So you can use one of them to do the work.

How to Combine Photos Using Shortcuts App

You can combine your photos using the Shortcuts app. Now we discuss the procedure to combine photos using Shortcuts. For this, if you have the Shortcuts app then follow the procedure below. If you don’t have the app then install it from Apple App Store.

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Before combining the photos using the Shortcuts app, you need to allow your Shortcuts app. For this go to your iPhone’s Settings and select Shortcuts. Then click the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts toggle button. Click the Allow button and enter your passcode in the text box to confirm.

Now open your Shortcuts app from your app library. After opening the Shortcuts app you can see a plus icon top-right corner of the screen. Tap on it to add a new shortcut. Then you can see a text field for Shortcut Name. Type a name for your shortcut on the text field.

Add Action on Shortcuts

Now add you can see the Add Action button right behind your shortcut name. Tap on it and you can see the Select Photos option here. Tap the Select Photos option to add as your shortcut action.

Shortcuts App Add Action

Now expand the Select Photos option by tapping the arrow icon next to it. Active the Select Multiple options by clicking the toggle button. Now type Combine Images on the search option. After opening it tap it to add the Combine Images option to your shortcut.Shortcuts App Select Photo and Combine Image

You can see the default action Combine Photos Horizontally. This puts your two images side by side. If you want one photo on the top and another on the bottom then click Horizontally and change it to Vertically.

And if you want some space between your combined photos then click the arrow icon next to horizontally for more options. Now enter the space size and tap the Done button to save.

Shortcut App Save Photo

Now add the last action. For this find the Save to Photo Album by searching it on your search option. And then add the action on your shortcut. Now you can see the default action that saves your combined photo on the Recents album of your Photos app. You can also save the album for saving your photos. For this click the Recents and select the album from the list. Click the Done button to save the shortcut.

How to Use Shortcuts on iPhone

Now we’ll combine the two images using the shortcut we created above. For this open your Shortcuts app from the app library on your iPhone. Now select the Combine Photos shortcut and tap on it. You can see your photo album here. Then select the photos you want to combine. After selecting click on Add button. Within a few seconds, the shortcut will process your task. When you see a checkmark on the screen that means your photos will combine successfully. Now you can see your combined photo on your iPhone Photo album.

How to Combine Photos on iPhone Using Layout App

Another popular way to combine photos on iPhone is Layout. With the Layout app, you can take photos from your camera roll and instantly combine them into different combinations. With the Layout app, you can mirror the images, flip images, zoom in or zoom out your image, and also you can resize your images easily.

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Now we can combine Photos using the Layout app. Because this app is easy to use. And also it is a user-friendly app.

How to Use Layout App on iPhone

First, you need to install the Layout app from the Apple App Store. After installing the Layout app, open it. After opening the app, you can see the photo booth on the menu screen. Select the photos you want to combine.

When you select the images, the Layout app will show you different layouts. Then select your preferred layout for combining the photos. Now the images will open with your preferred layout.

How to Combine Photos on iPhone Using Layout App

Now you can edit your photo from here. You can also see the photo editing toolbar under the photo. Use the editing tools to edit your photo. You can scale the images up or down.

After editing the photos tap the Save button top-right corner to save your combined photo. Finally, click the Done button to close the editing mode on Layout. Now your photo will save on the iPhone Photo Album.

How to Combine Photos on iPhone Free

Merging two iPhone photos requires no special skills. You can easily combine more than one image as shown above. And also remember that these processes to combine photos are totally free.

With the help of the two methods we have seen above, you can quickly and conveniently put two photos or multiple photos together on your iPhone at any time. After using this method a few times you will see that your photo editing skills improve.


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