How to Clear Netflix History

How to Clear Netflix History? You can delete your Netflix history easily. When you watch movies or TV shows your watch history store on Netflix history. If you don’t want to share your watch history with your friends and family then you can clear your watch history easily. Are you want to know the procedure to clear the history of Netflix? Then don’t worry. Because we describe the detailed process to remove your watch history in this article.

How to Clear Your Netflix Watch History

Netflix is the leading streaming service in the world. Thousands of movie and TV serials are available here. So you can easily watch your favorite movie and TV serial from here. And you can easily clear your history after watching. There are many reasons to clear history. Now discuss the way to clear the watch history from Netflix.

Clear Your History on Computer

You can remove the watch history from your computer easily. For this open a web browser on your computer. Then go to the Netflix website. Now sign in to your account. Select the profile which history you want to delete.  Click the profile picture top-right corner of the window. Then select the Account option from the drop-down menu.

Netflix lock

Now Profile and Parental Controls page will appear on the screen. You can see the Viewing Activity option bottom of the page. Click the View button beside the Viewing Activity option.

Netflix Viewing Activity

Now open the Activity page. On this page, you will see the movies and TV shows you recently watch. To delete a video from your history click the Hide from Viewing History button beside the video. This button is like a stop icon. And this icon next to the Report a Problem option.

So do this for the movies or shows you want to delete. You can also hide all your viewing history from here. For this click the Hide all option bottom of the window. When you click the Hide all option a confirmation message will appear.

Netflix Hide all option

Then confirm that you want to hide all your viewing history. Now all your history will be deleted. Movies or shows you delete from here will be clear from your history within 24 hours.

Clear History on Netflix App

You can also remove your watch history on your Android device. This process is also very simple. Take your phone and open the Netflix app. Login into your app. Then click on the profile icon top-right corner of the screen. Now your profile window will appear. Click the Account option from this window.

Netflix Account screen on app

Now scroll down and select the profile you want to delete the history. On your profile page scroll down and select the Viewing Activity section. Now click the View button on this section.

Netflix Viewing Activity on app

You can see all your watched movies and shows here. Then you can delete one by one movie or show from here. And also you can clear all your viewing history. For this click the Hide all button top-bottom of the screen. Then delete all your history.

So we hope you can easily remove your Netflix watch history. Because we discuss all the procedures easily and simply. You can also get the process to Lock and Unlock Netflix Profiles on this website. We also provide tech tips on this site.

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