How to Clear iPhone Cache

Clear iPhone Cache

How to Clear iPhone Cache? How to clear the cache in Safari? Clear the cache of iPhone apps is discussed in this article. Sometimes iPhone is slowing down. Because there are many junk files stored in the cache over time. And slow your iPhone. The iPhone has two data caches. One for Safari web browser. Another is for all the apps installed on the phone. So you need to clear all these types of cache. The process of clearing the cache is very straightforward. So if you don’t know the process then read this article carefully. Because we discuss all the procedures to clear two data caches here.

How to Clear iPhone Cache?

The iPhone is one of the most reliable and user-friendly phones in the world. But it slowing down because of unwanted temporary data storage. Which is stored in the cache. So clearing the caches can improve the speed and performance of the phone. There are two types of cache on your iPhone. So we discuss the procedure to clear the two types of cache below.

How to Clear Safari’s Cache?

Safari is the default browser of the iPhone. And also all iOS devices. Note that, if you clear your iPhone’s Safari cache all the files, images,s and logging passwords from recently visited will be lost. Follow the step and clear the cache.

First, go to your iPhone’s Settings option and then tap to open. After opening the Setting you can see the Safari app. Tap to open Safari. Then scroll down and you can see Clear History and Website Data.

Clear history and data on iPhone

Tap on Clear History and Website Data to clear safari’s cache, history, and data. Then a message will appear that warns you that you really want to clear Safari’s history, cookies, and browsing data. Finally, confirm your choice and clear the cache.

How to Clear iPhones App Cache

The app installed on your iPhone also stores unwanted or useless data on the iPhone App cache. So clear these cache to speed up your device. Now we discuss how to clear the iPhone app cache. Here’s how to clear your app cache. Follow the steps below and clear your cache.

offload app

  1. First, go to your phone Settings by clicking the Setting app.
  2. Then tap the General option from the Setting window.
  3. Now open iPhone storage.
  4. Here all the apps are shown that you install on your phone.
  5. Select apps that want to clear. Then tap the Offload App button.

When you tap Offload App then it will free up storage used by the app. But it keeps its data and documents. You can also delete an app from this small window. If delete the app then all the related data of this app will be deleted from your iPhone. And you can’t get the data again. So be careful before doing this job.

So all the procedures to clear the cache are available here. You can also get many tech reviews on our site www.techsellbuy.com. We hope you can easily clear your iPhone cache. If you have any problem doing this. Then comment on us. Thank you for visiting our website.

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