How to Change Your Name on Facebook

How to Change Your Name on Facebook? Nowadays people use Facebook as their main social media. And they connect with their friends and family members on Facebook. So this app is one of the most popular social media in the world. The Facebook profile shows one’s personality. So people want to update their profile day by day. And sometimes they want to change their profile name on Facebook. Facebook also has an option to change the name. So if you want to change your name on Facebook then read this article carefully.

How to Change Name on Facebook

People want to change their Facebook names for various reasons. This is a very simple process to change the name. We use the Facebook app and also use Facebook on the web. So we discuss the change procedure for all the platforms. Remember that, you change your name every 60 days.

Name Change on the Facebook App

You can change the Facebook name on your Facebook app. You can do it from your iPhone or Android phone. The process is very easy. Just follow the instruction below and do the job.

First, take your smartphone and open the Facebook app. Now click your profile picture top-right corner of the screen. Scroll down then you can see the Settings & privacy option.

Facebook Settings & Privacy Menu

Now tap the Settings & privacy option. You can see the Settings button here. Tap the Settings button.

Facebook App Settings

Now you can see the profile page here. Click the Personal information button. You can see your personal information here. Then click the Name option.

Facebook personal information screen

Now type your first name, middle name (if necessary), and surname on the text field. Check carefully you typed the name is correct. Then click the Review Change button bottom of the screen. Now preview your new name here.

Name change on Facebook app

To save your new name enter your Facebook password and tap the Save changes button. Finally, you change your Facebook name now.

Name Change on the Web Browser

The user can also change their Facebook name on the web browser. For that open the browser and log in to your Facebook. Click the profile picture top-right on the screen. Now you can see the Settings & privacy option. Then click on the Settings & privacy button, then a menu will appear. Tap on the Settings button from the menu.

Facebook Settings & Privacy window

On the Settings window, you can see your general profile setting. Then click the Name option to edit your Facebook name.

Facebook General Profile Settings

Type your name on the text field. Here you must type your name first and last name. You can also type your middle name. But this is an optional option. On this page, you can also see a note. And this note says “If you change your name on Facebook, you can’t change it again for 60 days. Don’t add any unusual capitalization, punctuation, characters, or random words”.

Facebook Review Change

After typing, your name clicks the Review Change button. Then a small window will appear to preview your new name.

Facebook Name Save Change

You can also some name suggestions here. Now select your name and enter your password. Finally, click the Save changes button. Then your new name will save on your Facebook profile.

Restriction to Change the Facebook Name

You can change your name on Facebook. But there are some restrictions on changing the Facebook name. You can’t use symbols, unusual capitalization, numbers, repeating characters, or punctuation on your name. Character from more than one language is not allowed. Can’t use any professional or religious title on your name. You don’t use words or phrases instead of a name. And must avoid any kinds of suggestive or offensive words.

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