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How to Backup your Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. And many users share conversations and all kinds of content there. You can easily create a backup of an Instagram account. In this article, we will tell you to step by step how to backup Instagram chats, posts, and all the information on your account. And you can save all your sensitive content and also do not lose publications or photos in case of any problem.

Our social networks are vulnerable to viruses and bugs that can damage our accounts It is also important to avoid spam on Instagram and maintain a safe and trustful interaction. We will tell you in this article, how to create an Instagram backup that will protect all your posts and conversations.

How to Backup your Instagram Account

Reinforcement duplicates of the informal community Instagram can be arranged consequently as a matter of course. They store a copy of all our photos and data configured on our platform. Then, if necessary, we can load it without complications to restore our account to the previous state.

In this method, we need to enter the Instagram account.  Then go to your Instagram profile and tap on the Menu option. Now click the Your Activity option. Scroll down and tap the Download your Information section. And then enter your email address here. You will then be asked to confirm the password and continue the process. Confirm your password and wait to receive a notification when the file is finished copying.

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Backup copying in copy mode may take 3 to 4 days depending on the volume of your Instagram content. The primary email you will get from Instagram demonstrates that the duplicate solicitation was positive, however, the interaction might require as long as 48 hours. Pay attention to your email inbox, as you will definitely receive instructions when it is finished.

Once we receive the copy confirmation email, we can download the file to our phone or computer. You need to confirm our account again and confirm by pressing the download data button.

What Data is Included in the Instagram Backup?

Instagram backups are put away in a compressed type compacted record. At the point when you unzip it you will actually want to see every one of its items, fundamentally it is downloaded in .json format. This type of format is utilized to store different information in an organized manner, and in spite of the fact that it isn’t the case simply for the client to peruse, it makes it simple for the program to decipher. The type of data which Instagram save is available in the below section.

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Comments.json – Contains all the comments you’ve made on Instagram posts.
Connections.json – It contains blocked users, follow requests, who you follow, your followers, and the hashtags you use are stored here.
Likes.json – This file stores a list of photos and comments you like
Contacts.json – Here you can find the list of contacts that Instagram saves from your account.
Media.json – This file stores the metadata of your stories, photos, videos, profile pictures, and direct photos.
settings.json – This file is required to save your current settings and reactivate them if you reinstall Instagram on another phone
Messages.json – Back up your messages and conversations via Direct.
Profiles.json – It can save the latest information from your Instagram profile settings.
Searches.json – This last file is used to store your search history on social networks.

Finally, we hope you can easily back up your Instagram account with the help of this post. This is very important for any Instagram user. So you can also bookmark this website for future use. You can get this type of technology tips on our website Thank you for visiting us.

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