How To Add Digital Downloads To Your Shopify Store Easily

How to add digital downloads to your Shopify store? Shopify’s popularity as a comprehensive eCommerce platform has been skyrocketing. It offers a highly customizable platform for businesses looking to sell their products online, making it a go-to choice for established companies and startups.

Shopify allows you to sell not just physical goods but also digital products, and that’s the core focus of this article: how to add digital downloads to your Shopify store.

The Growing Importance of Digital Downloads

Digital downloads have become increasingly important in the eCommerce landscape. The popularity of e-books, digital courses, software, and media files presents a lucrative business opportunity.

Selling digital products eliminates shipping costs, and the product can be delivered instantly to the customer, which enhances the shopping experience. The beauty of adding digital downloads to your Shopify store is that it opens the gateway to a new spectrum of product offerings.

Shopify is a powerful digital goods selling platform with many advantages for new and experienced business owners. The Shopify platform’s remarkable benefits include its user-friendly interface and ease of usage. Your digital product offerings can be easily set up and managed, even with little technological experience.

The Shopify platform’s dependability and security provide yet another noteworthy benefit. Your digital items are safe and shielded from illegal access or piracy thanks to built-in security features and encryption technologies—Shopify’s dependable infrastructure guarantees minimum downtime, enabling uninterrupted download access for your clients.

Additionally, Shopify provides several features designed especially for selling digital goods. These features improve the consumer experience by streamlining the process, from automatically delivering files to creating customizable product pages. Additionally, Shopify’s easy connection with various social media sites and email marketing tools means plenty of chances for you to market and promote your digital products.

How to add digital downloads to your Shopify Store?

Adding digital downloads to your Shopify store is relatively straightforward. Here’s a simple step-by-step process:

1. Sign up to a Shopify account

The initial action entails creating a Shopify account. It’s a straightforward and quick process. Proceed to the next steps after creating the account.

2. Add Product Categories to the Shopify product page

Navigate to the Shopify admin dashboard. Then go to the “Products.” option. Now select “Add product” from the menu.

Shopify Product option

You must now enter every detail about your product. Additionally, it would be best to inform Shopify that it is digital. This is necessary to turn off the shipping email and have all fulfillment done automatically.

Designate the item as digital.

Once you reach the “Shipping” area, continue scrolling down. Now uncheck the “This is a physical product” option.

Add Digital product on Shopify

The most effective action method is to turn off the “Track quantity” option. By doing this, the products won’t appear as “Sold out.”

Shopify track quantity

3. Install the app for digital products on your store

After logging onto Shopify, follow the instructions to the Shopify app store.

Install DDA - Digital Downloads for Shopify

To install it in your store, click this link: DDA (Digital Downloads), and then select the “Install” option. When you reach the price page, choose a free trial of a paid plan, or scroll down and click the free plan.

4. Upload Digital Files

Now go to the Upload page and add the necessary files to the product listings so buyers can download your digital goods.

5. Customize your Settings

Tailor the download options for your downloadable digital goods. Depending on your customers’ interests, you can offer multiple file versions, establish expiration dates, or even restrict the number of downloads.

Establish the costs for your digital downloads and ensure your safe payment method is set up to process payments. Shopify provides several payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards, and more.

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Your job is done. It is to add digital products to Shopify. When your clients make a purchase, the app will immediately send them download emails containing your digital assets linked to the appropriate products. Additionally, the software will automatically deliver orders for all digital products while leaving unfilled orders for physical things.

Navigating Shopify’s Digital Downloads App

One of Shopify’s strengths is the plethora of apps that enhance your store’s functionality. To add digital downloads, Shopify provides a dedicated app called the Digital Downloads App.

Shopify itself builds this free app, and it is incredibly user-friendly. It allows you to attach files like audio, video, or documents to products, which are automatically sent to customers after purchase.

Managing Your Digital Products

Shopify makes the management of your digital products as simple as possible. The Digital Downloads app dashboard lets you see all your digital products at a glance, track the number of downloads, and even update file links without changing the product listing.

Why Offer Digital Downloads on Shopify?

There are several benefits to selling digital downloads via your Shopify store. Digital products require no inventory space or physical delivery, making them a virtually risk-free introduction or addition to your product line.

Furthermore, it’s a great way to provide customers with instant, around-the-clock purchase access, significantly enhancing the user experience.

Before understanding how to achieve it, let’s examine the benefits of including digital downloads in your Shopify store. By selling digital products, you can benefit from the internet’s worldwide reach and convenience.

There are no physical things to produce, store, or ship when using digital downloads. Instant product access saves customers money by removing the requirement for shipping and lowering their delivery expenses.

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A further scalable revenue model is offered by digital downloading. Digital products don’t require inventory management or stockouts so you can sell an infinite quantity of them, unlike physical goods. Furthermore, you can reach a worldwide clientele by offering digital downloads instead of being limited by physical locations or shipping restrictions.

Additionally, providing digital downloads on your Shopify store can offer an even greener choice. You may considerably reduce shipping and physical goods to lessen your carbon impact. Customers who care about the environment and look for sustainable shopping options may find this a strong selling point.

FAQs Related to Adding Digital Downloads to Your Shopify Store

1. What file types can I sell as digital downloads on Shopify?
Almost all file types, including PDFs, .docx, MP3s, MP4s, etc., can be sold.

2. Is there a limit to the size of digital files I can upload?
Yes, Shopify allows a maximum file size of 5 GB for digital products.

3. How will my customers receive the digital files?
Once the payment process is completed, customers will receive an email containing a download link to their digital purchase.

4. Can I sell digital and physical products in the same Shopify store?
Yes, Shopify enables the selling digital and physical products in the same store.

Finally, this detailed how-to guide sheds light on the ease with which you can venture into the world of selling digital downloads, taking full advantage of Shopify’s potential. By diversifying your product line and embracing digital products, you create room for unlimited growth.

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