How to Add Contacts to WhatsApp on iPhone

How to Add Contacts to WhatsApp on iPhone?  In this article, we know the process  WhatsApp is the most popular and reliable messaging app in the world. Many people don’t know how to add contacts to WhatsApp on iPhones. But don’t worry. In this article, we discuss the process to add contacts to WhatsApp. You can send messages to your friends and family using your phone’s internet connection. And also send high-quality photos using WhatsApp.

How to Add Contacts to WhatsApp on iPhone

You can add contacts to WhatsApp on your iPhone in several ways. All the process is very simple to do. So don’t worry. After reading this article you can easily add contacts to WhatsApp on your iPhone easily.

Add Contacts to WhatsApp on iPhone using Chats Tab

You can easily add contacts to WhatsApp on your iPhone using the Chats tab. For this follow the instruction and do the job easily.

First, take your iPhone and open WhatsApp app. Now click the Chat button at the bottom of the screen. Then tap the New Chat button on the chat screen. This New Chat button at on the top-right of the screen.

whatsapp chats tab

Then the New Chat window will appear. Click the New Contact button on top of the window.

WhatsApp New contact

Then select the New Contact to forward the process. You can also see the New Group button to create a new WhatsApp group. In the Contact form type the Contact name and Mobile number. You also fill up the Email number and select the Group. But these are not compulsory. You must fill up your contact name and mobile number. After filling up this form click the Save button.

Add contact to WhatsApp

Then a screen will appear to show your contact. Now your contact saves to WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Add Contacts to WhatsApp on iPhone using QR Code

You can also add contacts to WhatsApp on your iPhone using a QR code. This is a very easy and simple way. Because when you use the QR code there is no chance of an error occurring. Any WhatsApp user can share his WhatsApp contact using a QR code. And you can also add any WhatsApp contact using a QR code. We also discuss how to generate QR codes on WhatsApp. And also discuss how to share my contact QR code on WhatsApp. Now let’s know the process.

Take your iPhone then open the WhatsApp app. Go to the WhatsApp Settings option. Then you will see your WhatsApp account. And you can see a QR code icon beside your name. Then click on the icon.

WhatsApp QR Code

Now you can see two options. One option is MY CODE which shows your QR code. You can share your Code by clicking the share button on the top right of the screen via any messaging app.

How to add contact on whatsapp on iphone QR Code

Another option is SCAN. Another option is the SCAN CODE on the QR code window. Then click the SCAN CODE button. Now you can ask to scan a WhatsApp QR code.

Scan Whatsapp QR Code screen

Then hold a phone with the WhatsApp QR code under your phone. Hold until your phone vibrate. Now the contact information of the other phones will show. Then click on Add to Contacts button. Finally, add WhatsApp Contact to your iPhone. So we discuss all the processes to add a contact to your iPhone. So you can easily do the job after reading the article. You can also clear your iPhone cache for faster performance.

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