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Emoji Shortcuts for WhatsApp Web and Desktop

Emoji Shortcuts for WhatsApp Web and Desktop! Emojis are a fun way to express your opinion. You can easily add emojis to the WhatsApp mobile app. Typically, mobile apps use the default iPhone or Android keyboard to insert emojis. However, many of us use WhatsApp on the web or use the desktop app installed on Mac or Windows computers. Here we will show you how to insert emojis on WhatsApp web and desktop with shortcuts.

Insert Emoji on WhatsApp Web and Desktop

Emojis are a shortcut way to express your feelings. Just like in your mobile app, click the “smiley” icon that appears on the right side of the text box in the interface or desktop app. You can scroll, navigate through categories, or use the search box to quickly find the emoji you want.

Emoji on WhatsApp Web and Desktop

Emoji Shortcuts for WhatsApp Web and Desktop App

The WhatsApp web interface and desktop apps allow you to use keyboard shortcuts to filter emoji symbols. And it works by simply typing and name of the emoji. Remembering thousands of emoji names is a daunting task. Here, we have also compiled popular emoji shortcuts for WhatsApp.

How to use the Emoji shortcut?

Type the emoji name in the search box in the table above to filter your favorite emoji among thousands of MGs. Then copy the shortcut and paste it into the WhatsApp chat box. WhatsApp will highlight the first filtered emoji for the shortcut. Now press Tab to insert the highlighted emoji. If you see multiple results, use the right and left arrows to navigate. When you’re on the correct emoji, finally press the Tab button to insert it into the box.

Other tips for finding Emoji

You can find your emoji in different ways. So we provide here some more tips to find your emoji faster.

Use specific keywords in shortcuts to search for emojis

Just typing the simple keyword :face will show you hundreds of emojis with face names. So, try using specific keywords like the middle finger emoji. Below is an example that shows if you type the shortcut :angry WhatsApp will show all the angry face emojis. If you’re looking for an angry devil face, type devil to narrow down the search results. We show here love emoji for example.

love emoji

Selecting skin tone emoji

You can also use screen tone emoji. If the skin tone emoji has search results, click the tone you want to insert.

Shortcut for country flag emojis in WhatsApp

You can also use the country flag emoji on WhatsApp. You can easily insert the country flag by adding the country name after the colon.

For example :uk we will show the United Kingdom flag and :us will show the United States flag. And for other countries, you can just use the country name flag like :argentina, :france, :brazil etc.

Finally, we hope you can easily insert emojis on WhatsApp web and desktop easily. You can also get this type of information from our website. So share this website with your friends. Thank you for visiting us.

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