How to Download Files and Photos from Google Drive to iPhone

How to Download Files and Photos from Google Drive to iPhone? Google is the most popular cloud storage for businesses, education, and other online work. So it is necessary to use Google drive. We store files, photos, audio, and video on it. And we need to download them when necessary. We use google drive on our PC, iOS devices, and Android phone. We need to know the process to download files or photos on iPhone. This technology tip is very important for iPhone users. So if you don’t know the process to download files then read this article carefully.

How to Download Files and Photos from Google Drive to iPhone

It is very easy to download files and photos from Google Drive to your iPhone. Nowadays google drive is a necessary online platform to store documents. Not only store but also share and modify them as well. You can also edit pdf files in your Google drive. It is important for its storage, creating files of any size, and also excellent sharing capabilities. For downloading files and photos from Google drive take your iPhone on hand and just follow the instruction and download files easily.

Download Files from Google Drive

First, open the Google Drive app on your iPhone. Now login into your drive. You can see all your files and folders here. Select the file want to download. You can also find your file by typing the file name in the Search Drive option. Chose the file want to download. After choosing the file click the three dots right side of your file.

Google Drive Copy file

Then a pop-up window will appear. Select the Open In button from the window. Then open a window that contains the Save to File button.

Google drive save file

Then click the Save to File button. And chose the destination you want to save the file on your phone. Now your file will save on your phone storage.

Download Photos from Google Drive

You also download photos from Google drive to your iPhone. This is also a straightforward process. You can also follow the process to download videos.

Take your iPhone and open the Google Drive app. Log in to your Google drive. Then chose the photos or videos you want to download from your drive. Select your photo or video. Now you can see the three-dot (more icon) next to the picture. We also mention the red square shape of the picture below.

Google drive Image

When you click the more button then a menu will appear. Scroll down the menu. Then you can see the Send a Copy option. You can find this option in the middle of the menu shown in the following picture. Tap the Send a Copy button.

Google Drive Send a Copy

Then a small window will appear with the Save Image button. If you want to download a photo then select the Save Image button. And if you want to download the video, select the Save Video option. Click the Save Image to download the image file. And click Save Video to download the video file. Now your photo or video will save on your iPhone storage. Then check your iPhone storage and you can see your image or video here.

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