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How to Download and Use Grammarly in Google Docs

Do you want to improve your writing skills? Grammarly is a great tool that can help you to do the job. Google docs are one of the most popular word processors with many features. Google introduces Google Docs to write the document easier. In this blog post, we will show you how to download Grammarly in Google Docs. And also show how to use Grammarly in Google Docs. Grammarly is a free online grammar checker that helps you find and correct mistakes in your writing. It is available as a plugin for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Word. You can also use it as an online application on the Grammarly website.

How to install Grammarly on Google Docs

To use Grammarly in Google Docs, you first need to download the plugin from the Chrome Web Store. To install the Grammarly plugin go to your chrome browser. Then open the Grammarly for Chrome page. After opening the page clicks the Add to Chrome button top-right corner of the page.

Chrome webstore for Grammarly
Chrome web store for Grammarly

Then confirm your installation by clicking the Add extension button. When you finish the installation process Grammarly web page will open. Now create a free account on Grammarly.

Grammarly Sign in page
Grammarly Sign-in page

Or log in to your account if you already have a Grammarly account. Now open Google docs on our Chrome browser. You will see a Grammarly icon in the toolbar of your Google Docs document.

Now click the Grammarly extension icon on the toolbar top-right corner of the Chrome browser. After clicking the extension a drop-down menu will appear. And turn on the “Check for writing suggestions on Google Docs” toggle button.

How to use Grammarly in Google Docs- turn on page
How to use Grammarly in Google Docs- turn on Grammarly

Grammarly is now ready to use on your Google Docs. Now the tools will automatically check your error. And also give the proper suggestion for the error.

Use Grammarly on Google Docs

Now it’s time to use Grammarly on your Google Document. For this open Google Docs and open a document or create a new document. Now start writing on your document. When you type Grammarly will suggest a red underline on the text. You can drift your cursor over the red underlined text to see suggestions. Now you can acknowledge or dismiss them individually.

How to use Grammarly in Google Docs- suggestion
How to use Grammarly in Google Docs- suggestion

Another way to get suggestions. You can see the Grammarly icon on the bottom-right corner of your document. On this icon, Grammarly shows the number of suggestions you need to edit in the document. Now click the number on the icon for seeing the number of suggestions. Then a menu will appear. And this menu shows all the suggestions you need to edit in a list. Now you can get the suggestions from the list one by one. You can accept or reject the suggestion from this list also. If you accept the suggestion for an item click the accept button. You can also reject the suggestion. To reject, the suggestion click the Dismiss button. If don’t want to get suggestions for a document then click the stop button.

Remember when you see the Grammarly icon turn on the green this means there is no error on your typing. And when the icon loading this means Grammarly is checking your work. You can also see how to use voice typing on Google Docs. And you can easily type using your voice and check the document by using Grammarly on Google Docs. This post is also available on our website You can also use Grammarly on Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. So stay with us for more updated topics. And share this website with your friends.

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