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How To Change Your YouTube Channel Name

Why Change Your YouTube Channel Name?

A compelling YouTube channel name seeds a potent influence in your viewer’s mind. It paves the path to a lasting impression, making it essential for you to choose the appropriate title. If it doesn’t resonate with your content style or your brand, don’t worry; YouTube allows you to change it. Understanding why before diving into How to Change Your YouTube Channel Name is a mindful approach to the voyage of becoming a popular YouTuber.

How to Change the YouTube Channel Name?

Venturing towards the main aspect, “How to change your YouTube channel name,”. The process isn’t long-drawn but reasonably straightforward. The details requested to change the channel name for desktop and mobile are given below.

Change YouTube Channel Name on Desktop

To change your YouTube channel name on your desktop, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to YouTube

Logging in to your YouTube account is the first step towards changing the name of your channel. Then click your profile name in the upper-right corner of the window and tap on the YouTube Studio option.

YouTube Studio and Your Channel Menu

After that, choose “Your channel” from the drop-down menu by clicking on your profile photo in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Use YouTube Studio to Customize Your Channel

After opening your channel page, click the Customize Channel option on the page.

Customize YouTube Channel

This will open the YouTube Studio dashboard for your channel name customization.

Step 3: Change the Channel Name

From the top navigation menu in YouTube Studio, choose Basic Info next to the Branding option.

YouTube Channel Customization
Next, you can alter your channel name by typing in the Name text field option that appears next to it.

Step 4: Save the Channel Name

In the upper right corner, click the Publish button to save your newly created channel name. Now your channel name has been changed successfully.

YouTube Channel Publish

Change YouTube Channel Name on Mobile

1. Open Your YouTube Channel Page

Tap your profile image after opening the YouTube mobile app.

Your Channel
Choose the Your Channel option from the selection that drops down.

2. Customized Channel Name

Select the pencil symbol, and then select it once more on the subsequent screen. Then enter the name of your new channel there.

3. Save the Channel Name

Click the checkbox in the upper-right corner to save your newly chosen channel name.

YouTube Edit Name option

Channel Name Does Not Influence Username and Vice Versa

Before proceeding, please note that changing your YouTube channel name won’t affect your username or your email address on Google platforms. Rest assured that your channel name and username can be different, allowing for versatile branding and personal identity.

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YouTubers can rename their channel without changing the name associated with their Google account, even if they have both personal and brand accounts. The YouTube mobile app or YouTube Studio on a desktop computer can be used to make these modifications.

Impact on the Channel URL

Should you consider How Do You Change Your YouTube Channel Name? You need to be aware that changing your channel name won’t adjust your channel URL. This URL was created when you first set up your channel and is permanently attached to your account.

The Role of Name Change on SEO

Do you wonder about the SEO impact of changing your YouTube channel name? Indeed, it affects the video search algorithm on an initial level. However, over time, as you continue to upload content, the SEO rankings will adjust to your new channel name.

Time Limit for Changing YouTube Channel Name

Patience is rewarding when pondering how to change your channel name. YouTube permits name changes on your channel twice in 14 days. Therefore, be wise and cautious while editing your channel name.

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How to Change YouTube Channel’s URL

A YouTube channel’s URL remains unchanged when its name is changed. That requires taking more actions to accomplish. Users can set a “custom” URL for their channel on YouTube, and they can alter it up to three times a year.

It’s unique in that YouTube will let content producers choose from a list of suggested URLs. The suggestions are largely determined by the name of the channel because YouTube aims to stop creators from using potentially deceptive URLs.

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FAQs on Changing YouTube Channel Name

Shall we flow into some FAQs related to How to Change Your YouTube Channel Name?

1. Can I apply for a custom URL multiple times?
Once you’ve removed the old custom URL, you can apply for a new one after a waiting period.

2. What happens to my existing subscribers after changing the YouTube channel name?
Your subscribers continue to be connected to your channel. They will see the new name in future communications and channel listings.

Delving into the details of ‘How to Change Your YouTube Channel Name’ equips you with effective control over your channel, encouraging you to progress better. Uploading quality content in line with the revised name can boost audiences and transform your YouTube channel into the brand you aspire to become.

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