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Add Me To Search: How To Create Your Google People Card

How To Create Your Google People Card? What is Add Me To Search? Many frequently use Google to learn more about well-known individuals and celebrities. We typically receive their previews as Knowledge Panels with their social media accounts, criminal histories, interests, etc.

However, did you know anyone may access a preview comparable to this one on Google? With its “Add Me to Search” option, Google has enabled us to do so. This function makes it simple and accurate to promote your profile or business in search results in an accurate, clear, and useful way. Everything there is to know about using the Add Me to Search tool to create a virtual Google Search Card will be covered in this article.

What is “Add Me to Search”

By publishing a public search profile card on Google, you may make your brand or profile visible to users worldwide using the Add Me to Search option. You can use this feature to make a public version of the Knowledge Panel associated with your profile. Information like your name, description, job title, image, business, location, phone number, email address, website, and social media links can all be included in this.

With the help of these details, anyone may search Google for you or your brand. You can also add links, photographs, and text to make it easier for people to locate you on Google. As a result, it serves as your online business card.

Google states that allowing users to create public cards is intended to assist influencers, independent contractors, business professionals, and other relevant parties in developing and enhance their online profiles. With this tool, you can easily and swiftly establish your reputation.

How to Create Your Google People Card

You must have a mobile device with an Internet connection to generate your Google People card. You must also have Web & App Activity enabled and a personal Google account. The precise instructions for creating your Google People card are provided here.

Step 1

Launch your browser and add “add me to search” to the address box. Google will direct you to the official website or application URL for making a personal card. To begin creating your card, click “Get Started.”

Step 2

You’ll need to enter the details you want people searching for you to know. The following four fields are required: name, location, about, and job. Below the mandatory fields are a few optional ones. Work, education, hometown, social media profiles, website, email, and phone number are some examples of these fields. You can choose how much or how little to contribute.

You can include links to your LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages in the context of social profiles. Google will automatically fill in your phone number and email address, but you’ll still need to enter most other information manually.

It uses the data from your Google account to make this decision. You must first change your Google account’s phone number and email address to update them on the People card. Additionally, you can hide your email address and phone number; we’ll go over how to do that in one of the following blocks.

Step 3

Once all the information has been entered, you must preview your card before it is posted online. Simply save your card after you’ve checked the details and its appearance, and Google will index it right away in search results. Type your name into Google to see how it appears in search results.

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To create a Google People card, follow these simple steps. It’s important to remember that only searchers from Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and India will see the Google people card.

However, we’re not sure if Google will eventually extend this tool to users in other nations, and it will undoubtedly improve your internet visibility in these four nations. Those not in India can create their Google People card by using a VPN. To accomplish this, you must go to Google’s mobile website.

The Value of Add Me to Google Search

As previously indicated, you can design a powerful online business card with a Google profile card that broadens your audience and boosts your exposure in search results. Let’s review the main advantages of utilizing the “Add Me to Search” tool.

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  • You get to create a public information panel that appears on Google searches for your name.
  • Helps you stand out from high-profile individuals or celebrities who might have the same name.
  • It improves your branding by making you more visible on search engines.
  • Gives searchers your most recent phone number and email address so they may quickly and simply contact you or your brand.
  • Aids in promoting your company, project, or brand in search results.
  • You may draw attention to your website and social media accounts, giving searchers extra ways to learn more about you, your connections, and your interests, among other things.
  • Leads from search results could be beneficial.

Your chances of seeing a card on Google Add Me To Searches increase with the amount of information you enter. So try amending it with more specifics if it still doesn’t appear after a few hours. A wonderful approach to showcase your branding is with the Google People Card. It’s simple and cost-free.

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