Add a Shopify Video Banner Section – 3 Easy Ways

Easy ways to add a Shopify video banner section. Adding a video banner to your Shopify store can enhance your website’s visual appeal and engagement.

A video banner, placed prominently on your homepage or specific landing pages, can tell your brand’s story, showcase your products, or highlight promotions in a dynamic and captivating way.

This article will explore various methods to add a Shopify video banner section to your store. This guide aims to provide simple instructions that are easy to follow, ensuring your website stands out and attracts more customers.

Why Add a Video Banner?

Before diving into the “how,” let’s briefly discuss the “why.” Video banners can:

Boost Engagement: Videos are more engaging than static images. They can capture attention quickly and keep visitors on your site longer.

Improve Conversion Rates: A compelling video can influence buying decisions by showcasing products in action or highlighting their benefits.

Enhance Brand Storytelling: Videos allow you to weave narrative elements into your branding, making your message more relatable and memorable.

Add a Shopify Video Banner Section

You can easily add a Shopify video banner section in several ways. So, we discuss here three types of procedures to add a video banner section to your Shopify.

1. Using Shopify’s Built-in Theme Editor

Most modern Shopify themes come with a feature that allows you to add video sections directly from the theme editor. This is the simplest way to add a video banner. Here’s how:

1. Go to Your Shopify Admin Panel: Log in to your Shopify account, navigate to the ‘Online Store’ section, and then go to the ‘Themes’ option.

2. Customize Your Theme: Find the theme you want to edit and click ‘Customize.’ This will open the theme editor.

Online Store and Themes Option on Shopify

3. Add a Video Section: Click on ‘Add section’ and look for a video section. The exact name might vary depending on your theme, but it could be like ‘Video’ or ‘Video Banner.’

4. Configure Your Video: Once you’ve added the video section, you’ll need to configure it. This usually involves pasting the URL of your video (from YouTube, Vimeo, or another platform) and adjusting settings like autoplay, loop, and sound.

5. Preview and Save: Always preview your changes to ensure the video looks good on your site. When satisfied, click ‘Save.’

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2. Embedding a Video Using HTML

If your theme does not support video banners directly, you can embed a video using HTML. This requires a bit more technical knowledge but is still relatively straightforward.

Shopify video banner section using coding

1. Find the Embed Code for Your Video: On platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, look for the ‘Share’ button under the video and then select ‘Embed.’ Copy the code provided.

2. Access the Theme Code: Go to ‘Online Store’ in your Shopify admin and select ‘Themes.’ Find your theme, click ‘Actions,’ and then ‘Edit code.’

3. Find the Right Spot: Decide where the video appears. This might be in the header, homepage, or a custom page. Find the corresponding file (e.g., header.liquid, index.liquid) in the theme editor.

4. Embed the Video: Paste the embed code you copied earlier into the HTML of the page where you want the video to appear. Be cautious with this step; incorrect placement can break your site layout.

5. Save and Preview: Save your changes and preview your site to ensure the video displays correctly.

3. Using a Shopify App

Another way to add a video banner is using a Shopify app designed for this purpose. Several apps in the Shopify App Store can help you add and customize video banners without touching any code. Here’s a general approach:

1. Browse the Shopify App Store: Look for apps that allow video integration. Read reviews and compare features to find the best suits your needs.

Add a Shopify video banner section by using app

2. Install the App: Once you’ve chosen an app, install it on your Shopify store. Most apps will guide you through the setup process.

3. Customize Your Video Banner: Use the app’s interface to upload your video, customize settings, and place the banner on your site. Apps often provide more customization options than the default Shopify theme editor.

Tips for an Effective Video Banner

Keep It Short and Sweet: To maintain viewer interest, your video should be concise, ideally under 60 seconds.

Optimize for Loading Time: Ensure your video is optimized for web use to avoid slow loading times, which can negatively impact user experience.

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Mobile Responsiveness: Make sure your video looks good on mobile devices, as most internet browsing occurs on smartphones.


Adding a video banner to your Shopify store can dramatically improve its appearance and performance. Whether you use Shopify’s built-in theme editor, embed a video with HTML, or employ a Shopify app, the key is to ensure that your video aligns with your brand and message.

With the right approach, a video banner can make your online store more engaging, informative, and memorable to visitors, helping you stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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